Reading instead of Resolutions

My first blog of the year is about what else, books! I made no New Year's resolution, I don't believe in them. If you want to change something, just act like Nike and Just Do it. I see no reason to wait until the New Year to take care of it. Besides, making a "resolution" seems like a set up for failure, akin to going on a diet as opposed to making a lifestyle change.
Anyway, I haven't posted a reading list in awhile. I had less time to read over the holidays. with Christmahanukwanzuh festivities and folks visiting and all. The folks visiting could be a blog into itself. Okay, sesveral blogs, but that is for later.
I got some interesting and some not so interesting books under my belt this time.
  • I listened to Wolves in Chic Clothing. It was just okay, pure chick lit, but it got me through the hours of EFX or running. The book boiled down to a modern day Pygmalion that gets foiled because the subject of the transformation sees her would-be transformers for what they really are-terribly spoiled ultra-rich folk with warped realities.
  • Afterburn by Zane. No, I didn't buy it. I read it 'cause it was here. Someone gave it to me. I was pleasantly surprised since the book had a stronger plot than I have seen in her others (before I gave them up), but it was more of the same.
  • Preacher's Son by Carl Weber. I really liked this one and his interesting use of viewpoint, first person and then at the beginning and the end, third person. It got better as it went on, too. This was a story about a Preacher's Son who did not want to inherit the church. Okay, sounds familir, right? But there are certainly skeletons in the closet, one that I totally didn't expect at the end. I enjoyed it.
  • Let The Church Say Amen by Reshonda Tate Billingsley. I met Reshonda this past October on the Summit at Seas ( I had never read anythign she had written because I thought she wrote christian fiction and that is generally not my thing, but let me tell you, this was not it! LTCAA was a fun romp with a crazy family. Liked this one too.
  • Sarah by Marek Halter. Now this was certainly the read of the month. This book was stuck back on my shelf somewhere. The one I read was actually an advance reader's copy that I must have gotten at Book Expo a few years back or something. It was unearthed completely by accident when my kid mistook all the books on my shelf that she could reach for Legos with paper in the middle and tried to build a fort with them. Yes, she has an active imagination. Maybe she will be a writer, too. Think Bible as History. Not Christian fiction, but more like, these were the facts as best they could be extrapolated, now you make your own judgement. It followed in the vein of The Red Tent by Anita Diamant, and I was hooked from the very beginnning. Sarah (sarai,Abraham's wife) was portrayed as willful, independent and provocative. She was the love of his life and he was her pimp, and when she was pissed, she moved out and wouldn't even let him look at her. It had murder and treachery and brothers lusting after their sisters and sex with multiple partners. A must read.
Well, that's it. Check back tomorrow. I got stuff to say about King Kong and Walmart.


still grooven said…
i aspire to read as much... and as fast! dayum! gotta stop by tomorrow! i have my thoughts about king kong (which i didn't see) and the super conglomerate taking over the worls... walmart! (or am i thinking of starbuks? no... target! or are they all the same? hmmm...) LOL
Anonymous said…
I've only HEARD not SEEN, Kong. Does that mean I don't want to come back tomorrow? You may spoil my experience some more. (folks already saying it's one of the best movies they've seen. they're talking about the great special effects) So if you are going to do that, I'll have to come back some other time.

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