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How I met Jim and Crafty Questions

Jim, Jim, Jim.
Jim sent me a few questions yesterday. A whole slew of them. Craft questions. How do I and what's my process. I was on my Motorola Q and I didn't want to get Q finger, but I promised him I'd answer them. Then it occurred to me that other people might be interested too, especially sicne I can't recall the last time I blogged about anything like that.
But before I answer, let me tell you how I met Jim.

The first time I saw him, it was before my naked escape. In Heathrow airport in London. I was confused because I'd been told to meet my group at the Meeting Point. Being an American, I thought the Meeting Point would be a lounge or something very obvious, not an actual point. Heathrow is huge, so I walked miles and miles and was on yet another escalator, when a voice behind me says, "You're Nina Foxx."
Writer's don't get recognized, so I was a little discombobulated. I was, indeed, Nina Foxx, but how could I fly to the othe…

The Papers have been Served

I've had my last blue screen. Alas, I got a technology divorce yesterday. Sort of. I've given up the PC, made the big switch. I have officially become a MAC convert.
Not makeup, the computer.
I've played with the idea before. Way back in the dinosaur days of computing, I almost interned at Apple, as a grad student. California was too far though and I took money over gadgets and went to AT & T instead. Over the years, I was in almost total Mac ingnorance and I treatd MAC users as somewhat of an anomaly and annoyance, using the excuse that, yes, they might appear to be more stable, but you can't talk to anyone else and no software is compatible.
And then I got one.
I was seduced by the sexy black color and quirky commercials.
Seduced by the shiny exterior of the store in the mall.
Grabbed by the gadetry.
Turns out that most of that not compatible stuff is now a myth, and I found that I was not alone in carrying my sexy, seek lookign new laptop when I was in the UK.…

Smurf Houseboys

I got an email entitled, How to tell if you grew up in the 1980's (as if one could forget). One of the ways to tell had somethign to do with the Smurf's. I used to be addicted to the Smurfs, even knew how to do The Smurf, but I had the real Smurf Science. I was able to see all of the hidden messages in the show. There were tons of social and political statements.
First off, the Smurfs lived in an ALL MALE utopian society. They were ecstatically happy with no poverty and no crime. Everyone owned their own home,shared the work and walked around singing all day. Global warming was not an issue, there was no hole in the Ozone layer, no lawyers and no money. They all wore the same clothes. I think they might call this socialism in some textbooks. They were ruled by Papa Smurf, he as wise and all knowing. All was good, until one person, who wasn't blue (Gargamel), decided he could overthrow the society with the ultimate weapon. He created a woman.
Now, at first smur…

Big Girl Panties and Naked Escapes.

I've been hiding out in The Shire. You read that right, The Shire, as in The Hobbit. I'm in Wroxton, England at a writing residency, buckling down to work on"The Craft. Or at least I thought I was, but huge bus that I got on at Heathrow Airport could hardly make it down the narrow roads in the English Country side. The buildings have thatched roofs and low ceilings. I am staying in an Abbey, about 400 years old. They say its haunted, but thankfully I did not get the haunted room. That would have been all I could take, considering that the room I did get is in the very top of the castle.
It has been raining since we arrived, and for a naturilized Texan like me, its bone chilling cold. I dragged my too big lugagge from underneath the bus and discovered my dilemma. I was four stories up and there was no escalator, no elevator, no bellman and no room service, and hot water is iffy.
I guess you could say I was going to be roughing it.
And then I discovered another sur…