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History's Lessons

It’s March. Where did February go? It does seem like February slipped by in a furry of snowstorms. So did black history month. or maybe its were I’m located. When I lived in Texas, it seemed like the short month of February was jam packed with activities designed to remind and celebrate the legacy , contributions and history that Black Americans have made to this country. I went to luncheons, breakfasts, parades and service activities, etc. There were so many we had to pick and choose which we would attend.
Now that I have moved to “supposedly” more liberal California, the month almost slipped by unnoticed. There was one activity, and that is the first weekend in March. Instead of being a month of remembrance and reflection, the thing that will stay in my mind about February of 2010 is The Compton Cook Out on UCSD’s campus, an event that was a mockery of black history celebrations everywhere, where participants were encouraged to come in black face or dressed as jigaboos and…

Never Let a Girl (Guy) Cook In Your Kitchen: Can men & women really JUST be friends?

I was going to blog about what you could do for yourself on Valentine’s day, but instead found a much more interesting topic.
Do you think a man and woman can be “just friends”? I used to think so, then I realized there are all shades of this.

It depends on a lot of things. Is the man single? Is the woman? Just how do you define “friends”? Is a friend someone you know and you might hang out with occasionally? How do you define hang out? Does hanging out mean you went to high school (or something ) together and you happen to be in town and once in ten years you have a drink? Or does it mean you have a regular get together to maybe go to the movies alone together, without your significant other? How does the answer change if you are married?

I know people who would absolutely answer yes, but can they really?

I know you are racking your brain thinking, “Me and Ray-Ray have been friends for years”. But if you dig down, has either you or Ray-Ray, at one point, tried to take your r…