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Traveling with Generation Z

Family trip.Girl is lamenting about having to carry her brand new, school issued laptop to school every day.  "I wish this was the 90s," she says. "Then all I would need was pen and paper." Flight delay. Fast forward two hours. We've decided to peruse the airport mall while we wait.  There's a record store.  She's bewildered. We try to explain. "How'd you take your music with you?" "You didn't," we say. There was no sharing with your friends. No texting.  Phone calls cost money. And oh, no YouTube. Or Snapchat. She's flabbergasted. And then she adds "And everyone shared just one phone?" We nod. "Just one wall phone." It's our turn to be confused and then it hits us. We burst into laughter. The phone was on the wall. And couldn't fit in your pocket. It couldn't surf the web or be used to write fan fiction. It didn't take pictures. And people thought hard about using it after ten pm.