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The real science of Mirrors

I had some time to kill in town yesterday before the Spurs playoff game, so I went in search of air-conditioning. Of Course I gravitated to a shopping establishment. Thankfully it was a shopping establishment with a bathroom, 'cause I had to go. Normally, I despise public restrooms like I despise natural water, but this time I couldn't avoid it. Thankfully, I'd picked the type of place that gves you beverages while you shop. This type of things seems to be highly correlated with having a clean restroom.
After I returned the numerous greetings that came my way, I headed to the back of the store. Whew! I barely made it, but I took care of what I had to successfully. Good thing, too, 'cause this was game two of round one in the playoffs, and I lived too far to hightail it all the way back out to the country and then make it back downtown in time for the start of the game. I'm sure the folks sitting next too me wouldn't have appreciated it if....But I digres…

A Conversation with my Friend

My friend, Author Lori Bryant Woolridge looks hot in the feature on her in Essence Magazine. Please give a listen to us talking about what it means to be sexy and her new book, Weapons of Mass Seduction!

You can find it here:

Vixen Chronicles Podcast

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Fanatical Customer Service

What makes customer service good? I've had some experiences lately that certainly made me think.

Case number one. I purchased a pair of kids shoes from Nordstrom. My daughter couldn't live without them. (She obviously takes after me). They were shiny and pretty and according to the salesperson, were covered with individually hand sewn sequins. And I do mean covered. If a light shown on her feet we would all be blinded. We got the last pair in her size while other customers with little girls hoping for shiny feet glared at us. If I had let her she would have worn the suckers out of the store.
Next morning, she hopped out of bed and right into her new shiny shoes. She already knows that (almost) nothing makes you feel as good as having great shoes on your feet.
She came home crying. A few sequins had come off. I comforted her and assured her that it was only a few and oh, well, it was bound to happen.
But it kept happening, right on the toe. And it wouldn't have be…