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I have gotten several emails asking when I was going to blog again. Yes, I am fine. I have been taking some time for myself, to do some much needed reorganization of both my life and my business. That being said, good things are coming.
I have two projects that I am working very heavily on.
First, I’m working on an anthology---Stay tuned for the submission information.
The second one I am very excited about. I’ve been stewing the idea of some film shorts for awhile, based on the characters from Just Short of Crazy. I wrote them awhile ago and stuck them in a drawer.
After moving to Cali I pulled them out and it looks like they are coming to life in a very special way. I got the greenlight just a week or so ago, and before I knew it I was in pre-production and casting meetings.
I know you want to know who is going to be in it, BUT I can’t tell you yet! Stay tuned for that info---