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New City Nirvana

What do you look for if you are moving to a new city? A church? A favorite activity? I thought I was looking for a house but my head kept turning as I drove down the city's main street, the names of stores were catching my eye. It was like I had shoe-dar or something, I needed to know that the place had more to offer than my favorite supermarket and cultural activites. One place, Lee Lee's, caught my eye and I made a sharp turn out of traffic and headed into the parking lot. Of course it was a shoe store.

Moving is an adventure, but it is also sad. You can always visit friends, but what of the boutiques and neighborhood stores that I have come to know and love? The ones that send me holiday cards that say "Happy Kwaanza" when I am absolutely sure they had never heard of Kwaanza before knowing me or gifts of Casmere gloves with my initals in rhinestones for my birthday and specially scented candles?

I walked into this shoe boutique cautiously with my daught…

Desperate Dilemmas

So, I loved Desperate Housewives, even when I thought things were going downhill. When Alfre Woodward moved in, I knew they were stretching for a storyline, counting on her celebrity to add some spice to the street. Sure, she's a big star, but did anyone notice that all of the Housewives were hotties? Even the Ice Queeen Housewife? I thought I could go with it though, even though thery couldn't let the sister be as sexy as the others. She should have been Holly Robinson Peete or Vivica Foxx, or someone in that vein (No offense to Ms Woodard)
Alfre's character was crazy as a bedbug, and seemed to be resonably minor, but I guess they decided it wasn't working. They wrote the entire family out for next season, or at least it looks that way. But let me ask you this, since the show began there have been how many murders? Three? Four, Five? Maybe six or seven if you count the suicides. So, why is it that the only person who didn't get away with murder was the you…

More News About Chattanooga

Yes, it is true! Li'L G from SILK will be in Marrying up as a special guest in Chattanooga. Ya'll come, ya hear?
Here is the press release.

Foxx/Tales Productions
3300 Bee Caves Road, Austin, Texas 78746


Publicist: Shia Shabazz @ 512.347.9995

Foxx/Tale Productions & Gdavis Plays Marry Up to Benefit Friendship Haven Nursing Home

Chattanooga, TN June 2, 2006 -- In unique agreement, Nina Foxx and Garrett Davis, of Foxx/Tale Productions & Gdavis Plays respectively, will donate a portion of the proceeds from the June 2, 2006, Chattanooga performance of their collaborative hit play, Marrying Up to the city's oldest nonprofit senior living facility, Friendship Haven Nursing Home.
Proceeds will directly benefit the effort to upgrade the facility's currently outdated system toward the purchase of a state mandated fire sprinkler system.
Foxx, author of the novel from which the play is derived, states, "It seems …

Chattanooga Tickets

To answer your emails, tickets for the Chattanooga show are avaiable online at the theater box office. Here is the link

You can also buy tickets straight from
Or in person at Scenic City Music, Cats Music, WNOO Radio & Box Office

This show will have Li'l G from Silk as a special guest.

See you there.


Marrying Up Dates/Commercial/Information

Marrying Up has a few more performance before summer hiatus, and if you are in the are, try to catch it. Take a look at the commercial here.
June 2, It will be at the Memorial Auditorium in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I will be appearing at that performance. The following week is the Meridian , Mississippi performance, at the Temple Theater. I will not be appearing there, but it will still be a great show. Check my calendar at for other dates to catch up with me this summer. I will be speaking at The Romantic Times Conference next week in Daytona, and I will also be at the National Convention of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority along with my friend and Author Reshonda Tate Billinsgley in July in the Motor City, Detroit.
After those two performances the show will go on summer break and re-open in September. Keep checking back for dates!

April Reading

This time of year is always hectic, especially if you have kids. You would think that things would be slowing down near the end of the school year, but instead they speed up, with each child having to do twice as much, which of course means that parents have to do twice as much, too. You can't work less (especially if you are self employed because that means that you will probabaly get paid less), so the other stuff has to go. In my case, I read less in April.
Here 'tis--

1. Baby Brother's Blues- Pearl Cleage. This one was my book club selection for the month. I thought it was a fine read, although I didn't want to read another Black-Man-Down-Low story. Enjoyable and interesting story though.
2.Criss Cross -Evie Rhodes. I didn't think I would like this, but I truly got into this Christian Fiction book disguised as a supernatural thriller.
3. NoWhere is a Place-Bernice Mcfadden- this one was not what I thought it ws going to be, but Ms McFadden did it again…