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Sex with Midgets and and Birthday Bash at Sea

I had to put down one of my favorite shows last night. For the last few seasons, I have been a die hard fan of Nip/Tuck. Yes, I admit it, I loved watching the surgeries, the love, the sex, the hate and the bizarre, even when my family rebelled and my baby ran screaming from the room every time she saw a butter knife because she snuck at peek one night and spied a scalpel doing its work. But, I'm through now. What drove me over the edge? The leading lady was about to have sex with a midget.
You read that right.
At least she kissed him and when their lips met, I turned off the boob tube and threw it across the room.
Now, they have had a porn star falling in love with the sex addicted surgeon, all the men have chetaed on the women, the woman have cheated on the men, sometimes with the other men. there has been a penis-less slasher who sodomized his victims with a strap on and all sorts of sexual deviations. But sex with the midget baby sitter was just too much for me. I'…

Live From Los Angeles/Pictures Never lie

Los Angeles and Burbank with The Femmes was fantastic. (Pun intended). It was great to be back in the saddle again. I'd missed my girls and din't know how much. Carmen Green, Lori Bryant Woolridge and I were joined by guest authors Reshonda Tate Billingsley and Trisha Thomas. We spoke at a fundraiser organized by The Kindred Spirits booklub. The charity was an IRS charity, one that girves sholarships to African Americans in order to get them interested in IRS careers. I mean, who knew that such a thing even existed?

I knew I have to blog about it eventually. Someone had to set the record straight, tell the folks the real deal. We arrived the night before for our Femme Board meeting, and ended up at the Tonight Show. Jay's head is bigger in person but he seemed like a nice guy. Calista Flockhart was a guest and she looked so stoned that even the other guests made fun of her. They film the show at about 3 in the afternoon in real time. We were done early and that…

BollyWood and The Choos have it

Bollywood strikes again. I got this in an email today. They are copying Michael Jackson back when he still looked half way normal, Yes, it was the eighties and he did have a Gheri Curl, but at least he was still brown. Check it out.

I just got an email form my sister in the Boogie Down (That would be The Bronx for those of you who don't know), that Just Short of Crazy is the book of the MOnth on Power 105.1FM. Yaaayyy! New York!

And finally, I got the best email from Jim at Jimmy Choo. He prepared a video presentation of the vintage shoes that Jimmy Choo is reissuing and emailed it to me. It was narrated and everything. I mean how is a girl supposed to not fall off the wagon with salesmanship like that? Lawd, ha mercey Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha! Give that man a raise. All his email said was "Hello Gorgeous. How many Pairs do you want?" The shoes spoke for themselves.

Which do you think I chose?

THIS is exactly why I shop at Jimmy Choo. THIS is what customer ser…