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Creating the Play-Finding Venues

The Things The Femme Fantastik will Teach you about your friends/ The Femmes A la Mode

The Texas/Oklahoma leg of the Femme Tour was fabulous, of course. We broke in Berta by meeting her at the door with a new Femmetini. Reshonda got to watch Hell Date to her heart's content and carmen is now hooked on it too.

Things I learned:
One of us knows her way around a bar. Like for real. She can make a delicious tasting drink with whatever you happen to have in your refrigerator. No names. But I think its one of her weapons.
Another one of us can really drink anything. Again, no names, but she's new.
One of us can't drink at all. Its just not a good idea to let her imbibe then attempt steps.
Another one will steal your Tums. The girl asked me for one and then took the whole bottle and put it in her bag. I'm told that the girls ate them as after dinner mints in Oklahoma.
One of us REALLY can't eat fast food. The rest of the people in the car regretted that stop at Wendy's between Killeen and San Antonio for the WHOLE trip.
The highlight for me is wh…

Marrying Up Again-casting

Hey Folks,
We are bringing Marrying Up, The Stage play back. Here's the casting information--

Funny Laundry detergent

I got this from my sister in an email last week and its definitely good for a chuckle. Happy Monday!

Welcome to the Country New Shopping Buddy

Sometimes I feel the need the re-post. Or at least incorporate something I wrote a long time ago into one of my posts. This past week has made me feel that the time was near.
I needed a new dress this week. This is the wedding season or something, and with three upcoming weddings in three entirely different states and two countries, I felt the need to shop. Alas, all of my shopping buddies moved away, and then I moved away from my favorite stores, and sometimes, shopping is just not a solitary thing. I pondered my dilemma, then called up a woman I'd met recently, one who felt like she had the material to be a friend.
She recently immigrated to Texas from New York by way of Connnecticut, and she lives very close. The sister (whose name I promised I would not mention) just seemed to be so cool. I invited her and her spouse out for drinks with a group of folks to try and introduce them to our small community a few weeks ago. She was feeling a little uncomfortable and always se…