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Blog in the Round - Passing the Torch

My friend and author Marissa Monteilh has asked me to participate in Blog in The Round. What is that you ask? It's a way for you and me to get to know authors and find out what they are working on. Marissa was asked by KL Brady, who was asked by Trice Hickman, who was asked by another writer-friend of mine, Trisha Thomas. I'm supposed to answer four questions about my writing process, and then pass it on to other authors.

What am I writing./working on?

I always have more than one project in my head at the same time in various stages of development. I am working on co-writing a non-fiction book with Shalay Peterson called The Sentinel Event. It is an account of her journey from Islam to Christianity after a medical mistake critically injured her newborn. Shalay and her husband received a landmark settlement from the federal government that reformed the way service members and their families are compensated for medical injuries.
I am also brewing another YA/NA novel to follow up …