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So I'm a techno-geek. I like gadgets almost as much as I like shoes. Almost. When I saw the MacWorld address and first glimpsed an Iphone, like everyone else, I got a little excited but I thought that was it. But I found out what stuff I was made of yesterday. I knew I would get an I-phone, but didn't know the jones for it would hit me like a addict fiending for a hit.
I got up yesterday, and decided I needed to bypass the multiple coffee machines in my house and go to Starbucks. Imagine my surprise when my car drove itself right past Starbucks and ended up cruising my local AT & T store. I needed to know if there was a line. Had people camped out? They hadn't. Relief.
I went back home and my family was still asleep, so I proceeded to go about my day.
I worked.
Ran errands.
Peeked at that AT & T store again.
uh-oh. There was a small line now.
We went to dinner. I found myself rushing them. Feeding my pre-teen with a spoon like her peas were pablum. If an…

E-mail blunders

I read down the thread in forwarded emails. You find out interesting things when you do. I did that today and had to chuckle, I'm sure the original sender of the email did not intend for me to read the comment sent earlier to someone else. It was pretty harmless. Yes, it was a comment about me, and its a good thing I'm reasonably good natured or I'd be dusting off the pins I was planning to stick in that person's voodoo doll.
Just kidding.
There's no dust on them.
Seriously though, it got me thinking about all the email and cell phone faux pas that really burn me up.

1. Email is private. Even if its left open, Really. Just don't read someone else's. And if you do you can't be mad about what you find.
2. If you forward, delete the chain, unless you want it to be read. And delete the many cc's, especially on those horribly annoying chain emails.
3. Just don't send those chain emails. I've told you everything I intend to in those &…
I'd been taking things at my usual break-neck speed for several days, so it was high time I slowed down to a more leisurely Parisian speed. The kids wanted to go to Eurodisney, but we could go see Monsieur Raton at home, so we opted for a Parisian amusement park instead.We chose the Jardin de Acclimation. Part park, part amusement, park zoo, a sort of schizophrenic place, literally smaller than my back yard. Its been around awhile. At one point, in the 1700"s, the zoo was an anthrolpolgie exhibit where they'd displayed africans in cages.After locating it on a map, I pondered how I would get there. It looked to be between the Arc de Triomphe and The Grand Arch, so how far could it be, right? Ha! Ha! I wouldn't be fooled twice. As it turned out, the best way to get there would be by train. Acck! I whined. I complained, but I finally acquiesced. I was going to have to go underground. After I was sedated, we figured out the route. Ten minutes later, we were there.…