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DVD is finally here!

Hello Reader (and other) Friends!
I hope our summer is going well and not as hectic as mine has been.

Nina Foxx's Marrying Up is finally Here!

I have been getting many emails asking when Marrying Up: The Stage Play would be available on DVD. Well, it's here now. For a limited time, you can get your DVD of the inspirational and funny stage play based on my book, Marrying UP!

If you saw the play, you know what the surprise is and I know you'll want to order your copy today! If you didn't, I promise you, you will not be dissappointed!

Marrying Up stars Tony Terry, Gary "Li'l G" Jenkins, Comic View's Keisha Hunt and a host of other mega talents. The all original music is by John Forbes (formerly of the Killer Bees).
I learned a lot from this project, and think its a pretty darn good directing and producing debut and I know you will, too. ORDER NOW! at or


You can’t judge a man by the size of his wallet!

Paris Montagu…
I'm trying really hard to get into San Diego, but a big part of the
frustration of moving is not knowing where stuff is. If you know me,
you know I'm a huge fan of GPS. I suffer from topographical
aphasia, otherwise known as a severe lack of a sense of direction,
but gps just can't tell you important details, like if a business has
MOVED! Twice last week I went out, armed my trusty GPS and ended up
heaven knows where. The business had moved. Kaput. Gone. And I
wasn't looking for little tiny things either. Target has fallen off
the map.
The other thing GPS can't tell you is what a business is like--
whether when you make an appointment for nine, it really means nine.
I made one such appointment last week, at 9AM. My daughter wanted
her hair braided, so I got up in the middle of the night to follow my
GPS into somewhere in Southern california. I found Sophie's Hair
Braiding on the internet and Yelp and it had been reviewed positively
in th…
I've fallen out of the matrix. Dropped off the grid. Broke my cell
phone. I can't answer it when you call, but I can wait until you are
done and turn it off, turn it back on and call you back. I can't
text. That hurts most. I can't surf the net in public when you
bore me. Or find myself when I'm lost in a strange city.
I can't send an email or a text while talking and driving.
Can't listen to music.
I don't exist.
Last week, I was at the Alpha Kappa Alpha National Convention when I
decided to play iphone ball. Its like basketball except you bounce
your iphone instead of some other spherical rubber thing. I've
played this before and it works well. The iphone bounces pretty
good, except its not too good for dunking.
Anyway, mine hit the concrete and bounced like normal.
I didn't think anything of it.
Until i wanted to make a call, and the little thing at the bottom
that says "slide to unlock" wouldn't.
I kept sliding and …

Trojan Ant Bait

I thought that perhaps California's nature would be gentler than
Texas was. Not so sure. The first night in my house, I went to get
groceries in the village. I didn't want to wake up to an empty
cupboard. I went to sleep and all was well.
In the morning, surprise! the ants were having a jamboree in my
kitchen. The were dancing salsa on my sink and break-dancing in the
A funny thing happens to me when I see swarms of bugs--my skin crawls
like they are all over me. I swatted at the imaginary ones on my
skin while I danced to the beat of the ant party and grabbed the
kitchen faucet sprayer, trying to wash the little buggers away. I
washed and wailed and tried to tracks down some raid.
Back in SA, I was on a first name basis with my exterminator, so I
pulled out the yellow pages and gave one a call.
No "Assassin Pest Control" or "Mountain Monster Killer". Just
kindler, gentler names like "Let The Bugs Rule, Inc" or "Ask Th…
How to smuggle a cat across countryI know I'm crazy, but I felt like I was being called to drive to San
Diego from San Antonio, instead of flying. I wanted to put my car on
the road and take any last minute things. One problem, what to do
with my cat?
I prepared him for the trip by training him to walk on a leash with a
Well, almost. I put the harness on him, and attached a leash and let
him run around like that for a few days.
First, he laid down flat and wouldn't move at all while the thing was
attached. Then he houdinied it and escaped. Probably buried the
thing in the Texas outback.
I started again and bought a better, escape proof one.
After about the fourth day, I tried to actually lead Kitty with the
He promptly walked on only his front paws and dragged his hind parts
behind him, all the time sporting a kitty smirk.
Finally, time to go.
I scooped up the unsuspecting Tik-Tak (backwards Kit-Kat), and
attempted to stuff him inside. He spread his paws…