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Hunt for Flats that don't hurt the tootsies.

I am on the hunt for flat shoes that don't make me cry.  I haven't had any that don't hurt my feet in years.  Even sneakers hurt if I wear them too long.  Either my arch starts to ache, or they hurt around my foot where my toes connect.  I know I am the Empress of the stiletto heel, but I'd like a pair of shoes that I can slip on to walk the dog that don't look like I've had foot surgery, or I can put on to drive that so I won't ruin my heels. The other requirement is that they can't make me feel as if I have flippers.  Too often I feel less confident in flats because they feel as if my feet are flipping along in front of me.

I found a pair of simple looking ballet type slippers on sale at, but my foot started to scream before they were even in there good, so those suckers are going back.

I came across Tieks.  (  I'm not an Oprah watcher, so I had no idea they were one of Oprah's favorite things.  They come in tons of col…

Excerpt from Southern Comfort by Cynnamon Foster (aka Nina Foxx)

If you haven't read it yet, here's something to get you started.  I'm diligently working on Eastern Spice, the next installment in the series, and reminiscing on how my characters met. Just a head's up, it's hot and steamy, but packs a real twist,  so if you don't want to read that kind of stuff, skip now. If you do continue, I promise you will enjoy it.  If you want to read more than is presented here, the book is available at all your book outlets.  You  can ask  your library, your local independent bookseller, or Barnes  and Noble to buy it, or you can get it at any online outlet.  it is also available electronically on Nook, Kindle and IBook. Enjoy.

One/SerĂ­a I have to face it, I’m dick-whipped.  That could be the only explanation for why I was standing in the doorway of my apartment, wrapped in the sex-smelling sheets off my bed, answering my door while James was still laying in my bedroom, delirious with the aftermath of the good-ass sex we just had.  It w…

Homies, Vatos & White Trash

Yesterday, I met a man who was far too young to be as racially ignorant as he seemed to be.Or maybe he was just ignorant, I’m not sure which.We had a business appointment, and he was very comfortable with me, so much so that his mouth seemed to have a bad case of the runs.Though he had moved to California in High school, he professed to be a former New Yorker.He still wore his New York accent, and it was a thick as if he’d just left there last year. As it often happens when I met a New York refugee, we quickly slipped into questioning mode.I pulled my own accent out of my bag and slipped into it as comfortably as I might my favorite pair of jeans.After the normal “where did you go to school” and “what part of town did you grown up in” questions, he started to ask the questions that, in other circumstances, gotten him a tongue lashing or a slap in the face.Instead of becoming violent or exposing him to my long vocabulary of swear words, I took another route. I tried to remember what I’d…

casting Call for Staged Reading

FoxxTale Productions is seeking talented passionate actors for a staged reading of Baby Mama Drama in San Diego.

Baby Mama Drama by Nina Foxx

Based on the best-selling book Just Short of Crazy

Directed by Nina Foxx

Baby Mama Drama is set in modern day Texas where Attorney Alexis Pearson is getting her life together after being left at the altar. With her new hair and new hobby, she finds herself in hot water and falling in love when she accidentally breaks a man’s arm in her Tae Kwon Do Class. Unfortunately, her love interest, Remedy Brown, has a seedy past and an ex-wife from the other side of the tracks who is not quite ready to let go. The two ladies discover that the road to “happily ever after” isn’t always a neat and clean yellow brick road and must discover their own self-worth before truly moving on.

Roles Available:

ALEXIS PEARSON: 30s, African American professional, newly minted short hair cut. Left at the altar prior to start of play. Sings.

REMEDY BROWN: Rugged, attractiv…

Mother' Day- A Love Letter to My Dad and to My Love

I haven't blogged in quite awhile, instead, I've been using twitter and facebook to say what I had to say. Mother's Day was a few weeks ago and it left me with remembrances that need more than just a few characters to get out. My mother's day was wonderful,probably the best I ever had. Many who know me might think I took some fabulous trip or got some great gift, but I didn't. It was very simple and that is mainly because my sweetie took control. He insisted that mom's get one day a year--even when my teen pushed back and in her own teen way, tried to make it about her. (Because that is what teen's do). I had breakfast in bed, saw the movie I wanted the family to see together (its funny how my mother's day wish was about EVERYBODY seeing this one movie), and had the dinner I chose at a place I wanted--sushi. It was perfect. I was able to start my week so relaxed that I felt like a different person. What sticks in my mind about Mother's Day though, i…