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Trying to figure out what this mystery food is. I think I'll pass.
Waiting in the airport. Some women tried to claim my Macbook at
security. She better ask somebody.


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Chocolate Stock and Absentee Ballots

I was so excited when I received my absentee ballot. I was worried that I wouldn’t get it in time, I’ll be out of the country on election Day, or at least on my way back home. Do I feel more urgency about this election than those before it? Certainly.

The economy is terrible, and this election is in a historic one, no matter what your politics are.

I turned the multiple parts of my ballot over and over in my hands, making sure I understood the instructions. I called my two kids over to me, and made them watch me fill it out. I made them watch me insert it, first in one envelope, and then the other, and then made them watch me sign the outside across the flap. As far as they know, the election is something that interrupts the Disney Channel. The oldest is more aware, even her friends are talking about Obama. I’s not quite clear to her yet, she just wonders how is it all going to affect her? I give it to her in bits and pieces, on a level she can understand. I don’t expect her t…

Why does my kid need Uggs?

When your kids wear uniforms to school, its sometimes very easy to forget that they do need other clothes and shoes on the weekend. Mine do his funny thing, too. One day, their clothes fit just fine, and then they grow overnight. Jeans that fit perfectly well the night before look like pedal pushers the next morning, or their favorite shoes won’t fit anymore unless you cut of a toe, and kids get pretty testy if you do that (go figure).
        It happened to me this Saturday morning. SoCal was mysteriously cold(e.g. below 60), anything warm would not fit, and it would have just looked like child abuse if I went outside in my shooties and German sweater and my kid was following behind me in shorts and cheapie flip flops. (We aren’t going to mention other kid who wears shorts everyday anyway. I’m talking about the kid to whom I can still dictate choice of clothing).
        I took one look at her outfit and decided that the first stop would be the shoe department. They gladly hopp…

What are friends for?

So, you get a call, a request, an email from a friend. When you need money, what do you do? Do you repeatedly depend on friends to solve your cash flow problems if you have them? Or do you find other ways to meet your fiscal needs. This is a dilemma. I'm not talking about the type of crisis where you need some money to pay the rent, buy the groceries, feed the kids, but the type of crisis where its just not clear. And if you find yourself there, do you find yourself there over and over again?

Let’s say, I have a legal problem. I need a lawyer. How do I get the money together to pay the lawyer’s retainer. And let’s say I've been here before. You know what I would do? I’d save it. Maybe ten bucks a week if that was all I had and just wait until I knew could pay. It might take a long time, but that’s what I would do. Is this where you are?

But now, let’s say I couldn’t save it. Then what? Would you try to sell something? Anything? Drum up some business if you are a fr…