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A New is coming!

That's right, new year, new FOXX style. My website has been redesigned to reflect the new parts of Nina. Go there over the next few days and take in the new metamorphosis. My new site will be the headquarters where you can find out about all of my new projects.
From there you can connect with me and my friends via my blog or my twitter. You never know what I'm up to or where I'm headed, so be sure to check in here often. My last entry will make you think about the hairy parts of life. :-)
I hope that "Lycanthropy Runs in my family" will make you dialogue about Mo'Niques leg look for the red carpet and what you think is acceptable.

One of the new things you will find on my website is a film section. That's right, film. Think of it as FoxxTale TV-

Those of you that have been following me know that I have been active on the film scene. I created a web pilot called "She's Got Is'Shoes" and my love …

Lycanthropy runs in my family

Mo’Nique has been in the news because of her hirsute legs on the red carpet. She said on Oprah that being unshaven was a black women’s thing. Ahem. Maybe its just a Mo’Nique thing, cause I’m a black women and I shaved my legs as soon as I had hair.
I must have been twelve when I discovered the first hairs. I remember an oppressively hot day, mid-summer in the deep of Alabama. I was sitting on the porch in my grandmother’s rocking chair, folding myself over to stop the beginnings of what I didn’ t yet recognize as cramps, with my chin on my knees. There were hairs there. It wasn’t a conscious decision to remove them, but I somehow got the sewing scissors and started to trim myself.
        I stole my older brothers razor that summer and used it on my legs until it got rusty. At one point it cut me so bad that my nervous system jolted and made me dizzy. No hair will grow in the spot where I cut myself to this his day.
I tried various dipilatories, singing “ “I wear short sh…

The Vanquishing of Teen Demons

I used to know a girl in high school who appeared so confident, except for one thing. She had a funny, little nervous laugh that would always give her away. When she said something she wasn’t sure of, her hands would fly up to her mouth, and then that little laugh would escape. It was deep, belly kind of laugh, delivered with a snicker that would shake her whole body. The two of us used to be friends, sort of. We traveled in the same circles, but I think the two of us had an unspoken understanding to keep each other at arm’s length, or we both lacked the familiarity with ourselves that kept us from the disclosure with another that makes people true friends.
I almost admired her. In my eyes, she had all the things that teens deem important; great hair, great clothes and a very close female friend, at a time when I hated my own orange colored hair that my father refused to let me have cut, coiffed, colored or relaxed on a regular basis, and Daddy-chosen clothes that never seemed …

New Year

I just got back to the West Coast last night, and I’m spending time in opening the holiday cards that came While I was away. I love the picture and the update cards the best. The holidays are a time when you can catch up with friends and family that you haven’t seen in a while, so I really appreciate it when someone takes the time to update me on their life and to actually mail me a card. I did get a few e-cards, but call me old-fashioned. They are just not the same. What do you think? I also came to the conclusion that mainly women send cards. Of about the 100 that I received, only one came from a male. Interesting.
I took the last two weeks of the year to rest and do absolutely nothing. When I left here, I had every intention of writing the last two weeks of the year away. But thankfully, my family didn’t let me do that. Instead they kept me occupied, sometimes occupied doing nothing, for most of the time I was gone. The end result is that I am refreshed, rejuvenated and ready …