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The Rain is Gone and the Open Toe Pledge ReDux

I can see clearly now. The rain is gone. No, really. After raining here for almost three weeks, it's finally stopped. I know we needed the water, but dang. And yes, I know I took a week off in the Floroida Sunshine, but I came right back to rain.

It's serious when it rains here. It's either feast or famine. No rain, or massive flooding. Cars wash away. People can't drive. Lots of accidents, like an eastern snow storm.
Night before last, I was worried that I was washing away. I cursed myself for not putting that rowboat in my backyard like I'd planned.
About midnight, I was trying to catch up on my TIVO, when The wind picked up. It howled and slammed against the Hill Country like an angry 1960's parent with an orphaned hot wheels track. I watched while my picture window bowed and contemplated if I was about to die by window. A flower arrangement flew through the air and became a missile. My barbeque grill relocated itself to the front yard from …

Spring Things and Purse Dungeons

Where have I been? Resting, traveling and just having fun. I just finished my next book, visited New York for some fun and am anxiously awaiting spring. Watch my video blog to get the full scoop!

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The View from Our room that gave my buddy vertigo.

Some of the spring Bootie. Okay, I fell waaay off the wagon, but at least it was over a period of three months.