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Lewd Photos at The Dome

I've told you before that one of the blogs I visit often is They are funny as hell, and even if I don't always agree with them, they are still funny as hell. Fair warning, PINK Dome is a politically based website, so if you aren't that interested in politics, just don't go. Heck, Like I said they are funny as hell and will make even the most disinterested guffaw, so I take that back, go anyway. Anyway, I noticed of late that whenever I went there the website was kinda slow. A little annoying, but bearable. I guess other people just couldn't bear it and complained, because the folks at the dome posted a note saying they discovered the source of the slowness; apparently other sites have been stealing their bandwidth. Now, I really had ever heard about this or at least hadn't paid much attention to it, but bandwidth gets stolen when, instead of posting a photo on a website, the owner of the site does the lazy thing and just links to the photo …

Book Trailers and Spring Shoes

The book world is all abuzz over the new marketing "trailer" for Lolita's Files' newest book, Sex. Lies. Murder. Fame. You might remember that I mentioned this book in my last lists, it was THE read of the month. I loved it. And I want a book trailer to so folks can send it over the internet. I just got finished reading the Avon list, a forum for Avon Authors. I don't always feel I belong there because although my books have been on the Avon Imprint, the list is heavily Romance, and I don't quite fit there either . I was also a little turned off after they had a discussion about not letting Avon's new Erotica authors participate on the list if they were too "Erotic" or their work didn't fit the Romance arc. Well, a few folks were just hatin' on the new video. You know, I say you can't say sh-- if you less books than she did. Read the book first and then you will see why the video is perfect and groundbreaking. There is reprotedly a c…

Two Steps Back

Seems like technology has us taking one step forward to take two steps back. Late the other night, I realized I had to go to the grocery store. I hate going to the grocery store, but we were out of the stuff folks need, like food. I used to have my groceries delivered by this great online service and all was good, then Safeway bought Randalls and took the service away. Sigh. I've recovered from that trauma and now shop at Alberston's even though it is more expensive, but it is closer and I know where everything is. Hell, my time is worth something, right? I can get in and out with minimal fuss, that is, if I don't take any kids with me. In that case I have to deal with one kid wanting EVERYTHING that is packaged in a colorful box and the other sneaking things into the cart. I would just tie them in the cart, one in the seat and one on the front, the way they used to tie virgins to the front of sailing ships and be done with it, but I believe that Child Protective Services …

Hoodwinked, Hi-Jinx and Haute Heels


The burning of religion

Isn't it a little suspicious that there is very little in the news about the Alabama Church fires? Five inone day and now four today. All they are saying is that it sounds like arson. For real, though? Maybe they aren't as interesting because whomever is doing it seems tobe an equal opportunity arsonist in that they don't seem to be striking their matches along racial lines, if they are, its not beign reported. It does seem that they are all Baptist churches. They say there is no appranet motive. That's police-speak for "We can't figure it out."

Grown Up Kids, Cats Ruling the Roost and Sistahs in Seattle


On my Nightstand

I can't belive January is gone already. I breezed through several books, some good, some not.

Lipstick Jungle by Candace Bushnell was interesting, but overrated. I listened to this one and loved the voice of the Sex & The City Star that read it.Zipporah by Marek Halter. Since I liked Sarah so much, I wanted to move to the next book the trilogy. Zipporah was the wife of Moses. She was nubian, and just like today, she was ostracized because she was different. She also was Moses' rock, refusing to be his wife until he accepted his destiny. Interesting, but not as good as Sarah.Brokeback Mountain. Read this before going to see the movie.
Blink. Can we say boring? Maybe because I tried to listen while running instead of reading it. It felt like a textbook.On Beauty. I couldn't even finish this. All Black ain't the same. Zadie missed the nuances that make African Americans unique. Everytime I tried, I fell asleep. Not a good sign. I couldn't finish it. …