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Nina Foxx Presents Closer to Crazy Episode 5

Click to Play Season Finale: Ayzah gets a visit and we see more of Prince's secrets.Starring Heidi Marie Wanser, Freeman White III, ;Written & Produced by Nina FoxxBased on Characters from Just Short of Crazy by Nina Foxxpublished by HarperCollins Publishers/Avon Acopyright FoxxTale Productions 2010

Closer to Crazy: Who Are The Players--Meet Alexis

Alexis is a character that appears in more than one of my books. In Marrying Up, she was really secondary. The story belonged to the cousin Paris, and we don’t really even see her in Closer to Crazy, at least not yet. In Just Short of Crazy, Alexis takes the lead.
When we were casting, I had a picture in my head of what she was like. she’d recently shorn her long, store bought locks for a hairdo that showcased her new found confidence, and when Shelli Boone walked onto the scene, I knew she was Alexis. As you will read, she has some skills on stage as well. I’m hoping to have the opportunity to cast her in a stage production as well.

Who is Shelli?

Since her first on-screen job co-hosting BET’s "Mad Sports", Shelli has appeared in over 17 films, national and international commercials, print campaigns, radio spots and several hit television shows. One of her most notable roles was as series regular Evan Reed in "Saints and Sinners", a primetime drama on FOX’s My …

(Nina Foxx Presents) Southern Comfort by Cynnamon Foster- Book Video

Click to Play Book Trailer for (Nina Foxx Presents) Southern Comfort by Cynnamon FosterPublished by Stiletto Press Publishing, LLC ;Nov 2010
Book Video by FoxxTale Productions 2010

Closer to Crazy : episode 4

Click to Play We meet the good guy; ayzah and Alexis have an encounter.Based on characters from Just Short of Crazy, By Nina FoxxWritten & Executive Produced by Nina Foxx, Directed by Freeman WHite III, Produced by Paull Cho, Starring Heidi Marie Wanser, Shelli Boone and Featuring Omar Benson Miller.