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Why I Shop Online for the Holidays

Today is "book in store" day. Yep, my new book is finally here. Women read the title and they get it right away, but men? I'm not so sure. Guy, I'm not saying we don't need you. Of course we do. That's not the point.
Most people laugh when I tell them the name of my new book, but some ask me "What does your husband think about that?" You know what, he gets it.
No Girl Needs a Husband Seven Days a Week was not intended as an instructional manual on how to get rid of your bothersome significant other, instead it was supposed to be a look inside today's marriage. So many of us grow up looking for the knight in shining armour or the fairy tale happily ever after, only to be disappointed once we make the leap into matrimony. We find that its nothing like we thought and that "Until death do us part" may come earlier than we envisioned because one of us is plum going to kill the other.
Inside my story, you'll find three indepen…
Me with Morgan Miller, The Queen of Sole in Miami Beach

Custom Shoes, Miami & Singelringen

So, how was Miami? Certainly warmer than San Diego. I thought I was doomed to have a busted trip, but in the end it was saved by my stumble onto a custom shoe store. That's right, custom shoes.
Morgan Miller wasn't my first dance with shoes made especially for my tootsies. I actually had some made a few weeks ago by costume designer Ann Roth. (
I picked the heel and the fabric along with a final embellishment and they arrived at my door with cards for me to give out to tell folks where they'd come from.
This time, I went to Morgan Miller (The Queen of Sole) in Miami Beach, picked a heel, picked a top and an embellishment. I even picked the color of the label in the sole. After two fittings and thirty minutes, Viola! Shoes. I REALLY liked this concept and Morgan and family were all very kind.
They even presented my shoes to me on a silver platter.

Other parts of my trip: The crowded Miami Book Fair, an interview with The Marc Bernier Sho…
Sigh.  You know stuff happens to me when I travel, right?  I thought I'd overcome the travel gremlin, but I was wrong.  I got back from San Diego late last night.  It was a quick trip, there and back, no room for error, or so I thought.  I covered all bases.  I was willing to risk being rusty, by removing all creams, lotions, potions, and lipsticks from my bag.  I even left my computer at home.I hopped on my SouthWest plane so I could be on the west coast with a full day to burn.  I was ready, seeing as how I'd heard that it never rains in sunny southern california. Ha! Ha!   When I stepped off the plane I had to double check the city I'd landed in.   It looked more like Seattle than San Diego. The day was gray and overcast and it was COLD.   No, strike that, freezing. My leather coat that is a winter coat in San Antonio was being eaten whole by the San Diego chill. I tugged it around my body, trying to keep out the cold and tried to find a Starbucks. The beach is not pleasant in …