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Marrying Up:The Stage Play- News from Nina

Okay, Lots of you keep asking me, when is the stage play coming? The performers are busy rehearsing way into the wee hours of the night in Nashville, Tn. UpComing performance of Marrying Up: The Stage Play will be in Opelika, Alabama and it is a fundraiser for a chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority, Incorporated. “Marrying Up”
April 8, 2006 • 7 p.m. • Presented by the Mu Sigma Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
The Mu Sigma Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. would like to invite everyone to attend the debut of one of the highly anticipated Stage Plays of the year, “Marrying Up,” on April 8, 2006 at 7 p.m. at the Opelika Performing Arts Center. The play is based on the latest novel from best selling author Nina Foxx, who has been highlighted in magazines, publications, radio and television. In the play, Foxx peels back the veneer of her main character, Paris Montague, a determined and sufficient woman to help bring real-life situations to the stage. The cas…

Cowboy Down Low

Back in September, a local school had one of its donors take back a 3 million dollar pledge because the short story "Brokeback Mountain" was on the reading list, and now the movie based on the short story is all over the news winning awards. I wanted to see what all the hubbub was about so I went to see Brokeback Mountain this week. I thought it would be an easy task, but the men in my life refused to go with me. They didn't want to see a gay-man movie, it seemed. Okay, now I was really intrigued.
I went in the middle of the afternoon and thought it would be nice and quiet, but I was mistaken. Just as I got out of my car, a bus from a senior citizen retirement village pulled up. Turned out they all wanted to see Brokeback, too. Fortunately I was able to by pass the ticket wondow and the line because I had Fandangoed my ticket, and I slid into my seat just as the lights dimmed.
Let me first say that the movie was a wonderful love story. It was like Bridges of Madison County…

Rants, Raves & Roadkill

To answer the question posted by anonymous, I don't know what color my hair is now. Hell, I don't know what color it was orginally. The color doesn't have a name, but a number, and that, my dear, is sort of like your age. Don't nobody need to know that.

There was another poster who basically posted what looked like an ad for some site. I took that off. You can disagree with me on my blog but you can't advertise, unless you pay, or course. That's why its MY BLOG. I do all the shameless self-promotion here. Sorry.

I got a curious call from a friend of mine last night. When I answered, she was hooting and hollering.
"I killed an 150 pound buck on my first shot!" (Read her lines with a Texas twang. For the uninitiated, that is sort of like southern, only with a rock sitting on your tongue.)
I was in a politically correct mood. "Is this good?"
"Heck yeah! My first shot," she shouted.
I tried to restrain myself. She couldn't see me dis…

Pink Domes and Hairdos

I stumbled on the funniest webpage I have ever seen in a long time. You can find it at Its fullof Democratic satire and I tell you, it takes a lot to make me laugh out loud, but that entry called "DumbFuck Mountain" almost made me pee my pants. Okay, not really, but is pretty funny. Go check it out.

I went and got my hair did today and I learned something I never knew. I was informed that my hair, although it is attached to my head and it grew from my scalp (as opposed to being purchased and sewn or glued there), does not belong to me. My hairdresser is a man and probably prefers to be called a barber. I went in to talk to him about putting my "natural" color back in. (wink,wink). Anyhoo, he told me that he didn't want to do it because he liked something else. I was supposed to listen because he is a man and the hair on my head belonged to him, right? Anyway after I wiped the tears from my eyes that I got from laughing so hard, I had to remind …

King Kong and the Conglomerate

Sigh. First Hermes now Walmart.
Walmart had a glitch in their on line system. If you wanted to buy a movie and contemplated, say Planet of the Apes or King Kong, well they recommended that you might be interested in the movie Martin Luther King: I have a Dream, too. They apologize, they say, computer error, and promised to fix the problem ASAP.
These things are all similar, aren't they?

I went to see King Kong and it stays very close to the original. I was uncomfortable when we encountered the so-called native zombies. Where they in blackface? They certainly were savage, and the biggest savage on the island most definitely was tamed by the virginal white beauty. Oh yes, they updated it, throwing in a black sailor and making sure tht he wasn't the first to be killed. He was, oh, the second. I think that is a movie rule, blacks and hispanics die first in horror or shoot 'em up movies if they are present at all. We know that is just not realistic, because if any black person I k…

Reading instead of Resolutions

My first blog of the year is about what else, books! I made no New Year's resolution, I don't believe in them. If you want to change something, just act like Nike and Just Do it. I see no reason to wait until the New Year to take care of it. Besides, making a "resolution" seems like a set up for failure, akin to going on a diet as opposed to making a lifestyle change.
Anyway, I haven't posted a reading list in awhile. I had less time to read over the holidays. with Christmahanukwanzuh festivities and folks visiting and all. The folks visiting could be a blog into itself. Okay, sesveral blogs, but that is for later.
I got some interesting and some not so interesting books under my belt this time.
I listened to Wolves in Chic Clothing. It was just okay, pure chick lit, but it got me through the hours of EFX or running. The book boiled down to a modern day Pygmalion that gets foiled because the subject of the transformation sees her would-be transformers fo…