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Get Your Tickets

Where can you get tickets to Marrying Up?

In Opelika,
Virginia's Boutique
1000 Frederick Rd.
Opelika, AL 36801

Unique Image
460 Opelika Road
Auburn, AL 36830

Masters of Ekegance Beauty Shop
1550 Opelika Rd, Unit 8
Auburn, AL 36830

Tickets can also be purchased from any AKA (Mu Sigma Omega) member.

In Meridian:
At The Shrine Theater Box Office

and Joe's Fashions.
See you at the show!

Male Guest Blogger Rant....

The Woman's Fault???

A friend had forwarded me one of those things that tend to get forwarded around on the internet these days, and it had to do with the failure of Black Couple. The writer of the article intrigued me for a second, entertained me for a minute, then pissed me off the rest of my day. When I re-read and re-read this part of the article, I became increasingly incensed:

"While making public appearances across the country or crossing the church
parking lot, the same discussion continues to arise. "Why aren't our Black men
willing to commit to serious relationships that lead to marriage?" The short
answer is simple. In general, Black men are not typically inclined to put
themselves out when their women are already doing likewise; putting out. Whether
women realize it or not, their long-term relationship stock takes a sharp hit by
and large after giving up the keys to the kingdom without securing a signed
territorial deed."

Now I'm a brother who LOVES h…

The Big Apple Redeaux, New Books and Stage Play information

Miss me? I took a week off from everything to enjoy spring break with my family. I even left my computer at home. I had technology withdrawal for a minute, but once I got past it, everything was good. We went to The Big Apple for a couple of days to take in a play and dined with local family members.
New York is really like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates. Everything was very different than my last visit.
Don't get me wrong, it was chilly and rainy last time, but this time is was hella cold. For a naturalized Texan such as myself, it was certainly stay in the house weather. I braved the elements even though the wind was fierce and whipped around my chibs like I had done something that deserved a beating. Well, maybe I did, but damn it was frigid. The people were nice this time and I had no Oprah-esque moments at establishments like I did last time at Manolo Blahniks. I'm still recovering. I haven't even been able to buy any Manolo's at Last Call. But t…

February Book List-Good, Bad & Heady

I had a slow February. I only read five books, but I got a lot of other things done.
1. The Awakening-LA Banks. The next installment in the Neteru story of Damali Richards. As good as the last. I already have the next book waiting for me. She wins the read of the month again. It was steamy where you wanted it to be, and most certainly a page turner. The descriptions of the levels of hell were fabulous, and of course political statements werre once again woven skillfully throughout the book.made me want to go out and bite someone. Okay, maybe not.
2. So You call yourself a man,-Carl Weber. I couldn't finish. Life is too short to crawl through a book that isn't holding your interest. I don't know if I was just not in the right frame of mind for this one or what, but I was expecting it to be like The Preacher's Son, which I enjoyed, but it wasn't. Maybe I will revisit it at a later date.
3. Candy Licker-Noire. I truly enjoyed G-Spot, so I was looking …