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Heavenly Torture

I have been in the exercise doldrums lately. My body has been yawning at everything I threw at it, so I decided to try something new this morning. I wanted to go to Hot Yoga. Everyone seemed to be talking about it so why not give it a try?
First, I have tried yoga before and the only practice that kept my interest for an extended period of time was ashtanga, or power yoga. The other styles were just too slow. I mean, I guess I am exercise impatient like a lot of other folks. I want a work out to feel like a work out with no time in the middle to fall asleep. I like fast sports and running, so it was hard to understand how somehting so slow and quiet was going to benefit me.
I knew I was reluctant to go when I forgot my purse at home two times, but finally I made it to the studio. I opened the door and the heat hit me in the face. It has been well over 100 degrees here for quite a few weeks, and today was the first cool day in a long time. We got down to 80, but my skin almos…

Choo-ed Manolo Up and Spit him Out

Okay, so when I go on tour I make sure to visit my favorite stores in all the cities. The list isn't usually too long and I spend a lot of time (if I have any spare time at all), in my hotel room. I want to contrast two cities.
Let's flash back to Dallas. I had a minute in between booksignings so I high-tailed it over to Jimmy Choo in Highland Park Village. I can't remember what I had on, I think some brown pants with a matching military jacket, and I know I had some Manolos on my feet, not flashy ones, but the ones I travel in. The minute I walked into the store, all three people in three people looked up, including one woman I had not met before (her name was Omaira and she was quite the snazzy dresser). The other two, called out my name lovingly, "Nina". Of course they would, I'm a regular. (Check the archives). We exchanged chit chat about shoe trends, and then I noticed the absolutely fabulous lizard bags they were doing this year. Took my breath away. Bu…

MetroSexual Mania

I've heard lots of talk about the "New Metrosexual" Man, and I wanted to meet him, get inside his head, so I invited a friend to comment on what makes a male fashionista, or more properly put, a Fashionisto. This is what he had to say:

"You are so....metrosexual," one of my so-called better friends and a self-professed, shoe-shinista told me when I told her I was reading Men's Vogue and totally digging this a of Prada oxford shoes. Initially I was offended -- after all, can't a brotha admire a nice pair of shoes? Then I reflected on what she said a bit more deeply. I think it's natural for most men to be defensive when confronted by ANY "-" sexual other than hetero. Being neither "bi", "homo", or "metro", I focused more on why she lobbed that bomb at me.I was reading Men's Vogue. I was admiring very nice shoes. Guilty on both counts. By some perfect storm of demographics, magazine readership, and American …

Tears for New Orleans

I have been shocked speechless by the events in New Orleans. Or should I say non-events? Its been a week since Hurricane Katrina hit and the news is still showing people stranded on their rooftops. Why? Wasn't FEMA supposed to rush in? Bodies are floating in the streets. They say that the breaks in the levies have been plugged with giant sandbags and that the water is going to start going down now. Air boats are moving through the streets, still trying to find people. They estimate that the death toll is going to be in the tens of thousands. The city has been abandoned (supposedly). There are no jobs, no resources, no electricity and won't be for awhile.

Let's look at some numbers. The first permanent settlement in the New Orleans drainage basin was in the early 1700's. Even then, the settlers were advised that a unique problem was presented by putting a settlement in that area. It was, after all, a basin. New Orleans today was about 60% Black, with a poverty level abou…