King Kong and the Conglomerate

Sigh. First Hermes now Walmart.
Walmart had a glitch in their on line system. If you wanted to buy a movie and contemplated, say Planet of the Apes or King Kong, well they recommended that you might be interested in the movie Martin Luther King: I have a Dream, too. They apologize, they say, computer error, and promised to fix the problem ASAP.
These things are all similar, aren't they?

I went to see King Kong and it stays very close to the original. I was uncomfortable when we encountered the so-called native zombies. Where they in blackface? They certainly were savage, and the biggest savage on the island most definitely was tamed by the virginal white beauty. Oh yes, they updated it, throwing in a black sailor and making sure tht he wasn't the first to be killed. He was, oh, the second. I think that is a movie rule, blacks and hispanics die first in horror or shoot 'em up movies if they are present at all. We know that is just not realistic, because if any black person I know were to seesa big, oversized, angry ape and dinosaurs, there is no way in hell they would be sticking around to rescue anybody, especially some woman they just met. There would be no horror in the movie beause it just would not be happening.
Okay, Kong was was immediately taken by her and she was his down fall, even if she did make a half hearted attempt to save him, racing down a New York street in high heels and bare sleeves on a blustery cold and snowy evening, her hair blowing in the wind without a goosebump in sight or a slip of the foot, with more finesse than OJ in JFK in that old car rental commercial. Yup, that's how it works, right? Dang, wasn't that virginal white beauty thing what happened to OJ, too? I see the similarity now.
And when KONG climbed the Empire State building, and then placed beauty on the ledge, she climbed further up the building, with just a rustle of wind in her hair, high heels without a scuff to help him. Yes, the cinematography was fabulous, but what was that whole thing about anyway?

I know it would work just like that because I remember standing inside the world trade center building in my sisters office when I was about ten, and the building swayed. I had vertigo and was worried that those dang things were going to fall down, until they explained to me that buildings that tall were made to sway in the wind, which was supposed to be pretty strong that high up, so strong, that someone on the outside of the building might actually be blown UPWARDS a little. So how is it that that the wind didn't mess up that woman's hair in the film?

I've heard it said that the original movie was a big statement about racism. The hunters tried to tame the Ape and profit from his captivity and introduce him to civilized society, but he challenged it with his dream of making off with the prize, and that led to his demise. In the wake of all that, nothing was the same. When you break it down like that, yeah, I see the similarities.

Can I have my seven bucks back?


Anonymous said…
Check out Boondocks on Live Journal. 12/28 thru 12/31. 'Nuff said.

still grooven said…
i'm fascinated by the walmart "glitch." i'd like to excert that (with credit and your permission of course) on my blog. THAT's a trip! great telling. i'm glad i didn't see it. even the kids whined about there being no ape in the first 40 minutes or so. what's that about? i'mma check out boondocks. (LUV them!)

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