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Nina Foxx Presents: Closer to Crazy - Episode 3

Click to Play Ayzah can't resist and gets drawn further in, Alexis gets more interesting. ;starring, Heidi Marie Wanser, Freeman White, Shelli Boone, Mailon Rivera, Croix K. Sotowritten & Executive produced by Nina Foxxbased on characters from the book, Just Short of Crazy, By Nina FoxxDirected by Freeman White, Produced by Paull Cho,Score by John Forbescopyright FoxxTale Productions, LLC

Who are the Players in "Closer to Crazy"--Part Three- The FACE, The VOICE, Sure 'nuff

I met a guy once who left a serious impression on me. He wasn’t tall, he wasn’t overly handsome, or even very well-dressed, but somehow, he was fine. He had THAT THING. He oozed sexuality from every pore, the type of guy that walked into a crowded room and heads just turned his way, whether one wanted to look or not. In my book, “Just Short of Crazy”, the essence of that man became Remedy Brown, the ex-pot head from the hard streets of south Dallas turned single dad and sexy, successful proprietor of multiple hookah bars. He’d survived his hard knocks and his crazy ex-wife (Ayzah) and managed to come out on top.

When we were casting for the part of Remedy Brown (in Closer to Crazy), I couldn’t picture an actor that made me feel how Remedy did in my head, but when Mailon Rivera walked onto the set, I immediately knew that he was the one. Mailon (THE FACE) looks nothing like the original guy, and I’m sure the real Remedy would be flattered, but in his performance, he mailed Remedy t…

Closer to Crazy Episode 2

Who is the Preacher-Man? Behind the Scenes on Closer to Crazy

I first met Barry Lyons is the hallway of a burlesque club--our location for the day. I was watching as they were shooting episode two of Closer to Crazy in a little room with four walls of mirrors. He came and sat next to me while I was trying to figure out how they were going to shoot the scene in this mirrored room with no equipment showing.
        Barry quickly gave me the once over. I’m sure someone told him that I was the Executive Producer, ad I knew that he’d been recruited to play the role of Dexter Smalls, one that hadn’t quite jelled yet in my head, at least not beyond these first few episodes. I was nervous for two reasons. One, I was on a STRIP club, yeah, it was daylight, but we only had the place until noon. At that point the club would open and REAL STRIPPERS would come in, but more importantly, our rates would go up. The second reason I was nervous--he was a real preacher. A Pastor. Of a big church.
He struck up a conversation and before I knew it, his wonder…

Who is in Closer to Crazy?

Now that episode one of Closer to Crazy has been up for about a week, I wanted to give a little background for those who keep sending me questions. First, yes, this series does begin where my book, Just Short of Crazy leaves off. I don’t want to spoil the book for those of you who haven’t read it yet.
When I wrote the book, I didn’t expect people to fall in love with my bad girl, Ayzah Brown, but that is what happened. I got tons of inquiries from folks wanting to know what happened to her after the book ended. At first, I kept saying, the book ended, nothing happened to her. As it turned out, Ayzah wasn’t done yet and she started to talk to me from beyond the page. That’s how Closer to Crazy was born.
In my mind, it is an ongoing web soap opera, similar to what Tom Joyner does for “Its Your World”. After the first few episodes, my plan is to ask you what you think should happen, then go back to the drawing board.

A few of you want to know who the player’s are, so over the next …

Hand Written Romance

From Cynnamon Foster--

I got note in the mail today. Not email, but old-fashioned snail mail. It was handwritten, on nice stationary that made me turn it over and take a long look. The words were spaced out to leave lots of white space and the note itself, the words, they were sexy and thoughtful. The note isn’t from someone that is new in my life, instead, its from the person that has been closest to my heart for almost 11 years, and just touching the envelope from him still makes me tingle.
I left the note on my desk to read over and over and after I’m done with it, I’m going to put it in a special box I have for such things so that if I want it when I’m feeling gloomy, I can pull it out to revisit the warm feeling I got as I held it in my hands.
Can you remember the last time you recieved something as sexy as a handwritten note? Today, the world moves at the speed of light, but there’s something about a letter that you just can’t get from email.
Not many of us will take the …