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The Making of Marrying UP

On The Set

I went downtown three times today. Between visiting radio stations, pulling tickets from the box office and checking on the set, whew. I must have driven 100 miles or more. But it was all worth it, because at 5:21 PM this afternoon, I heard my name in lights, yessireeebob. The radio commercial for the play went live and I couldn't help but do the happy dance. My daughter heard it,too and she came running to my room. I am a rockstar in her eyes once again.

I went and looked at the beginning of the set building yesterday. We got past the sketches, but I gotta tell you, I held my breath the whole time. It still looks like sticks and straw to me. Or metal and wood, but Mark Sullivan from the SA Film District has a vision.

Here's a clip.


I know you have been waiting patiently, so here it is.  I've been secretly getting it all together and here's the info.: The play is cast and set to go.  Marrying up will have its Texas debut on Feb 2 and 3, in San Antonio at the Jo Long Theater.  There will be two shows on those dates, at 3 and 8pm.
So, who's in it?
Here's the press release:
For Immediate ReleaseContact: Lisa Horton 210.787.8637From the pages to the stage…Bestselling Book by San Antonio Author now a Stage PlayNina Foxx's Marrying Up(San Antonio, TX) –In the search for a husband, what's a woman to do? Make sure she marries up! At least that's the motto of Paris Montague and her meddling mother. Paris has got it all – beauty, brains and a fine man on her arm. There's just one problem – he's not the "caliber" of man she was looking for.Tyson is content being Paris' sexy secret lover. He's a struggling brother chasing a dream and if Paris can just hang on long enough he…