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Nature's Last Assault, New Year, new Beginnings

No trip of mine would be complete without its glitches, right? Let's review. I've been assaulted by nature's forces, tornados, rain, natural water, either while I was being swept down the street into a bayou in Houston, nearly missed with a funnel cloud in Altanta and Montgomery,and accosted by a toilet water fountain at sea. I've been left on a rock with a lean to in Belize, stuck in an elevator in Miami. Was anything left? of course. But let's start at the beginnin.
You may recall, the last time I flew Continental, I ran into somewhat of a luggage problem, mainly that mine did not arrive AT ALL. I had to go on a whirlwind shopping spree to look decent for a business trip.
So, what'd I go and do? I flew Continental again. What happened to once burned, twice shy? I wasn't scared, but I shulda been.
Aaaah. family vacation. I was looking forward to a week of bliss (and work, ye olde deadline had yet to be met). I got off the plane in Mexico, and guess…

Yes, Shaneequa, There is a Santa Claus

Merry Christmas! Feliz Cumpleanos, Habari Gani, ya know! Trying something new this time. Check out The Vixen Chronicles Podcast here
. Click Listen. It will take you to another page to hear my attempt at podcasting. I welcome your feedback. I was playing with the toys that Santa sent me.

Santa Baby

My kids sent letters to Santa. Yes, I said letters, as in more than one. This is something we started at any early age. Since I am The catalog queen, I give them catalogs and let them go at it. We generally do this in several iterations. On the first pass, then go through and check or circle the things that they want. Of course the five year old circles everything, and then I give them the crushing news. They can only pick five things, and there is no guarantee that they will get all or any of those five things. You see, Santa has to make some decisions to make sure there is enough to go around, and which items Santa chooses of course depends on if she thinks they will be any fun for her or not.

The youngest cries and whines at this news, still not understanding why she can’t possibly have everything that she wants. The Oldest, she says nothing. She is teetering on the cusp of understanding the real deal. Mommy is really Santa Clause and if you piss Mommy off, you get lumps of coal in …

Christmas Kling-ons and Friendship Faux Pas

Sigh. All my Christmas shopping is done and my point and click finger is exhausted. I hate Christmas shopping. Let me clarify, I love to give gifts to my loved ones, but I hate the crowds. My list seemed longer this year for some reason. Maybe it was because there were a lot of people who helped make 2006 a good one for me, folks that I had to make sure I got a small token so they would know I have appreciated the moments of joy and comfort they have given me.
The Christmas tree is all in place too. Before the season started, I had every intention of having three trees in my house. One designer looking tree, one two color tree, white with black ornaments like I saw of Ugly Betty, and one with all the kid ornaments and the Black Santas and Angels. Then the reality of who was going to do all the work hit me. I pulled out our trusty pre-lit tree and the boxes and boxes of ornaments and I grimaced. What a pain it was going to be to put the tree up! I forced myself to make it hap…