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Cool in The City

I don't know what it us about the brain that makes you forget the negative aspects of things and only remember the positive. I used to live in New York. I'm from there. And for the life of me I had no recollection of it being cold in April. And last weekend it was. So when I arrived in my cute white leather jacket, needless to say, I froze my tushie off. But I was cute while I did it.
And it was rainy too. I had forgotten how as a kid, we knew that April meant rain. And then after that May would be pretty nice, but it wouldn't be reaaly warm until June. I have gotten really used to being warm by early February. If only I could have postponed my trip two weeks.
I have gotten pretty used to zipping around town too. Now I get in my car and go wherever I want. In most cases, half an hour is a long trip where I live now. I didn't realize that this was quite a luxury. Traffic in and out of the Holland and Lincoln Tunnel is still the same. It took over an hour to go eight miles…

Shoe light bulbs

I went to Hawaii expecting lovely beaches and exotic people. Instead, I was surprised in Honolulu by New York-esque buildings and very American looking people. The area where I stayed was a shopper's cornucopia, perfectly pretty streets lined with high end shops of every ilk, peppered with a jewelry store in between each one. In contrast, the strip of beach in front of my hotel was small and unattractive, hopeful surfers bobbing endlessly in the pitiful waves. I was goin to be here a few days, so I did the logical thing--I went shopping with my new friend.
She liked to shop, too, she said. She was a toucher. I could look without putting my fingers on a thing, not even my wallet, but not this one. She touched everything and surprisingly enough, no one said a thing. On store, Fendi asked us to unhand our lattes because of their valuable merchandise. We promptly left.
Louis Vuitton had a private shopping area that we peered into curiously. We wanted in there too. What thin…

Femme Tour Trials

6 Women traveling together, who would've thought? I have to admit that I was really worried about six females together in close proximity and getting along enough to survive it for 48 hours. By the end of our trip I was pleasantly surprised. Carmen came in the night before and after working all day and then traveling in the afternoon, she was up for anything. She even went grocery shopping with me with no questions asked and sat down while my young one interrogated the strange woman that was about to stay in her room. The rest of the Femmes joined us the next day, right on time. It was a VERY energetic bunch as we were joined by our male guest author, Victor MGlothin. He had been dubbed, "Man Child" by the store manager. Victor was very gracious and seemed to understand that us women, we were the ones running the show. And the things we talked about in the car. I can't write them here, you see, we all agreed that what was discussed in the car remained in the car, but …
Waikiki At Night
And with a limo that wasn't ours. We just wanted to take a picture with it.
At the Pageturner Event in Houston, Texas
The Femme Fantastik Crew with Some members of our Armed Forces
Carmen Green with Victor McGlothin at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas