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Hunt for Flats that don't hurt the tootsies.

I am on the hunt for flat shoes that don't make me cry.  I haven't had any that don't hurt my feet in years.  Even sneakers hurt if I wear them too long.  Either my arch starts to ache, or they hurt around my foot where my toes connect.  I know I am the Empress of the stiletto heel, but I'd like a pair of shoes that I can slip on to walk the dog that don't look like I've had foot surgery, or I can put on to drive that so I won't ruin my heels. The other requirement is that they can't make me feel as if I have flippers.  Too often I feel less confident in flats because they feel as if my feet are flipping along in front of me.

I found a pair of simple looking ballet type slippers on sale at, but my foot started to scream before they were even in there good, so those suckers are going back.

I came across Tieks.  (  I'm not an Oprah watcher, so I had no idea they were one of Oprah's favorite things.  They come in tons of col…