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Reconnecting for a New Year

I haven’t blogged in awhile. Truthfully, I haven’t been feeling it at all. I do know many of you have been keeping up with me on Facebook and Twitter.

I celebrated my birthday this past weekend. (Let’s just say it was an anniversary of thirty five). I’ve had a great year that has been full of lots of life changes. Since last October, I’ve done a lot of great traveling to a lot of great places, and yes, I have looked for shoes in all of them. I also made some personal changes that have left me loads happier and looking forward to great future.

I completed a TV Pilot, and although I have not sold it, it has won a few awards. Most recently, it won Best TV Pilot at the Urban Media Makers Film Festival In Atlanta ON MY BIRTHDAY. Yaay! It was a great event, and they even had a runway, so you know I had to strut my stuff on it! Seriously, Cheryle Reynolds put on a fantastic event and I was honored to be in such great company.
If you want to see the sizzle of the film, see it here, htt…