Pink Domes and Hairdos

I stumbled on the funniest webpage I have ever seen in a long time. You can find it at Its fullof Democratic satire and I tell you, it takes a lot to make me laugh out loud, but that entry called "DumbFuck Mountain" almost made me pee my pants. Okay, not really, but is pretty funny. Go check it out.

I went and got my hair did today and I learned something I never knew. I was informed that my hair, although it is attached to my head and it grew from my scalp (as opposed to being purchased and sewn or glued there), does not belong to me. My hairdresser is a man and probably prefers to be called a barber. I went in to talk to him about putting my "natural" color back in. (wink,wink). Anyhoo, he told me that he didn't want to do it because he liked something else. I was supposed to listen because he is a man and the hair on my head belonged to him, right? Anyway after I wiped the tears from my eyes that I got from laughing so hard, I had to remind him that he worked for me and he would do what I said, period. Sheesh. And he said I was giving him a hard time. Imagine that.


Anonymous said…
Question. What color is your hair now?

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