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Minolta C.White: Nina Foxx

Black Thanksgiving: Say What?

So NBA all Star weekend is Black Thanksgiving, or least it is according to David Aldridge in an article he wrote for CNN. Well, thanks for letting me know. You see, I was busy celebrating Thanksgiving with the rest of America, I missed the turkey and dressing I apparently am supposed to be having in March.
I took offense to this article. Many of the statements made in the article had me cussing at my desk. Had the article been written by a white columnist, I'm sure it would have never made its way onto CNN's homepage. The author was black, and because of that, it seems like he was given a pass to freely use the N-word (metaphorically) to describe people he obviously doesn't know, or perhaps he was just being allowed to do some shuffling and jiving to appease a larger audience. Just say, "Yassuh, boss" and get it over with.
I'm sure that there is a subset of folks who wait, with bated breath, for NBA ALL Star weekend. Like he said in the article, they co…

A Letter to Cathy Hughes (and anyone else who is interested)

Last week, I came across an article (I think it was on EUR Report) that told of how Cathy Hughes (TV ONE) slammed both Halle Berry and Mo’Nique. Halle, for her award winning role in Precious and Halle, for hers in Monster’s Ball. She said that the stories never should have been written and she knew of no black woman that acted like Mo’Nique’s character. I will admit that neither film was easy to watch, but I thought both were stunning in their performances. I don’t know of any WOMAN, period, that would have done what either of those characters would have done, but I have no doubt that some variation of those characters exist.
        Cathy also said that those were films that never should have been made. Hmm. Let’s examine that. True, they were difficult stories, but rather than blast the actors who were just that--actors, consider what the films did do. In an industry where there is a dearth of roles for Black actors, black women in particular, those films provided employment …