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Working quietly in my hotel room while everyone is asleep.
I left the wine specialist at the gourmet market talk me into a
meritage. Ack! It burns! It Burns! Might as well be champipple.
Kerosene. MD2020.
Relaxing, finally. Just for a minute. Finally finished watching
Dear Santa,
I got an e-mail from Black expressions book club this morning, asking if I was breaking up with them. I am a member, but I hadn’t ordered anything for a long time. In fact, I don’t even open the mail from them when I get it. When I get the e-mail from them, I click through to see which books are at the top, decline my monthly selections, and then I promptly go and download what’s interesting to me for my Sony e-book reader. For most books, that is the way I prefer to read them. True, there are some that I want to get a copy of, books that I think will be of historical importance. I purchased a hard copy of the new Toni Morrison book. I’ll read it eventually. I have to be in a Tony Morrison mood .I have become a technological reader.
I appreciate the sleekness of the SONY E-book Reader, although ease-of-use is not the best. Two years ago, it was fine. But that was before the Amazon Kindle was everywhere. I had to put the Kindle at the top of my Kaboodle list, even tho…

Gym Observations

Since I’ve moved to California, I had to get used to working out in a gym as opposed in my home. Two things have come of that. I’ve had to buy better gym clothes, and of course, I’ve watched people. I’ve spent a few weeks taking in all the different types I see. A few weeks ago, I decided to hire a trainer. As opposed to making a blind wish in January for New Year’s resolution I wanted to get started now.
A funny thing happened when I started with a trainer. I’ve been going to the gym for weeks, and barely anyone would ever talk to me. If I made eye contact by accident, they would quickly look away. It was almost as if they had some secret fraternity to which I didn’t belong. After a session with the trainer, I noticed that people’s eyes were friendlier. You know what I mean, the way Tyra Banks says “people were starting to smile at me with their eyes.” If we made eye contact, eyes linger now before they look away. It’s not as if I was thinner and suddenly better to look at or an…
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