When is your next book release?

 Good morning,

I don't know if you recall or not---but we met up at Barnes
and Noble a few years back to talk about my tween
writing.  (Im a friend of Sue C. and was, back in the
day, a personal trainer.)

I currently write the TALK section of Austin Monthly
Magazine (Essentially what Austinites are TALKing about
right now) and was wondering if you had a specific date
yet for the release of Just Short Of Crazy?

Let me know if/when you do and Ill see what I can do to
get a piece in the magazine for you.

Take care,

Carla B.
My Reply:
 Hey Carla,
Of course I remember you.  You probably saw that in PL.  Well, they
had the date wrong.  My next book is Marrying Up, In Stores July 28th.
JSoC will be released next summer.  Would love to get together with
you though.

Nina Foxx
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