Bionic Nina

Here I am, two or so days past my LASIK surgery. I can't believe I really did it. I mean, I won't go get my teeth cleaned without major sedation and I forced myself to lie still while someone cut into my eye. It's all good though. It was a good decision. I have never seen this well. The day after surgery, I put on my old folk looking sunglasses and went out for a drive, and padow! things were crisper than ever. The colors were brighter. My senses were under assault.
When I went in for my follow up appointment, I asked the doctor why I was seeing so much better than I had in the past. I mean, my glasses and contacts had givem me 20/20 vision, right? The best?
His answer surprised me; 20/20 doesn't mean that you are seeing the best you can, it just means that yes, you can drive and you are able to read that line on the eye chart. Well, who knew? My vision measured in the vicinity of 20/15 and he told me it would continue to improve over the next few weeks. I'm Bionic Nina now. I can read the copyright line on the bottom of the chart. Of course, one of my smart aleck friends wanted to know if I could see through clothes, because if I could, she had a job for me. Well, thank goodness I can't. I'm sure I would see more ugly than I bargained for.
Of course, the doctor did say that I would still eventually need reading glasses. For most folks, vision starts to deteriorate around 40. Maybe I can just keep having anniversaries of 35....

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