Confessions of a shoe fanatic

Okay, see, it's like this. I was minding my own business and flipping through the shoe quarterlys just like any other red blooded American woman. And there was this one pair of shoes. They were on every page, jumping out at me. They were in Shuz, in Vogue, In Town & Country. I turned the pages trying to get away from them and there they were again. It was like they were haunting me, calling my name, saying they wanted to live in my closet, in my shoe colony. They want a place of their own. Safe in their dust bag, inside a clear box with their picture on the outside.
Since I consider myself a graduate of the 12 Step Shoe Program, I tried to ignore their calls. It worked at first. And then they appeared online too. I could preorder them if I wanted to.
I held out.
And then I got this call. It was from Jim at Jimmy Choo in Dallas. He said, "Nina, we haven't heard from you. Did you get your catalog?"
I sighed, then mumbled, "No, I guess I missed it."
"Well, honey, I guess I'll just have to send you one," he said.
I hung up the phone hoping it would get lost in the mail. Sure enough, two days later, a full-color catalog here to my doorstep. And there they were. The shoes. Screaming and me. I thought if ignored the magazine the shoes would go away. I mean, if this was no ordinary pair shoes. They would break my shoe budget for quite awhile.
And then he called me back. Jim, that evil man. He said, "Don't you just love that shoe on page 9?".
He knew I did. It was karma, right?
"I'll just send them to you when we get them in. You would be one of the first to have them. "
Now, how can I resist something like that? I thought that perhaps by the shoes got here, summer would be in full swing. And besides, I probably wouldn't like tham and could send them back.
And then there they were. Jimmy did not disappoint. I slipped my feet into the shoes, then gently wound the gold laces around my ankle.
It was like magic. I strutted up and down the hallway. I was floating above the tiles. They were foot jewelry! To hell with the shoe budget. At least I would look good.


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