Rules of disorder

Who was Robert? And what was he smoking when he decided that his rules would make running a meeting easier? Because of his rules, I was in a meeting that was perhaps the most disorderly meeting ever. We spent a good 40 minutes trying to understand how we were going to proceed,that is how we were going to go about discussing the issue we were really interested in. Once we got that straight, or at least half of us did, we spent a good hour voting and then revoting and then discussing and then not talking while the votes were being counted. In the end, we didn't reach a resolution to our problem, because we discovered that half of us still didn't understand the rules of order.
I'm not taking anything away from Bob but history shows us that many of our so-called geniuses used some kind of mind altering substance to formulate their contributions to our body of knowledge. Sigmund Freud came up with the idea that the root of all problems is our uterus and that children have very sexual urges during their preschool years. Beethoven, George Washington, there are a lot of people who did a lot more than inhale if you check the small print in your history books, and if you look real close they are probably a few such as Pilates that would have had to be on something to come up with the things that they did, even if they would never admit it. Oh, excuse me, Madame President. Am I out of order????


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