I've fallen out of the matrix. Dropped off the grid. Broke my cell
phone. I can't answer it when you call, but I can wait until you are
done and turn it off, turn it back on and call you back. I can't
text. That hurts most. I can't surf the net in public when you
bore me. Or find myself when I'm lost in a strange city.
I can't send an email or a text while talking and driving.
Can't listen to music.
I don't exist.
Last week, I was at the Alpha Kappa Alpha National Convention when I
decided to play iphone ball. Its like basketball except you bounce
your iphone instead of some other spherical rubber thing. I've
played this before and it works well. The iphone bounces pretty
good, except its not too good for dunking.
Anyway, mine hit the concrete and bounced like normal.
I didn't think anything of it.
Until i wanted to make a call, and the little thing at the bottom
that says "slide to unlock" wouldn't.
I kept sliding and sliding and nothing happened.
I tried everything, even downloaded the new iphone software.
You can imagine my distress.
The first day I had withdrawal and I poked at my phone constantly in
The second day I had the shakes, clutching the expensive gadget until
the color left my fingers.
The third day, it was almost okay. And I had a hella long flight
home so it didn't matter as much.
I ran to the nearest Apple store so I could get my fix and---
--they couldn't help me.
They had no more iphones.
And the next service appointment was like two weeks away.
Well, that wouldn't work, so I went to the nearest AT and T and--
--they couldn't help me.
They had no more iphones and they couldn't fix the one I had and--
--mine was three weeks out of warranty.
No, I wasn't eligible for an upgrade,but I was welcome to pay 200
bucks plus for a new phone of any type.
Or-- I could order one.
My kid begged and begged me to get the best phone AND order one. She
figured that she would get my hand-me-downs when the iphone finally
I didn't.
Its 4 days later and I'm still waiting.
I've about had it.
iphone today or--I may be changing my technology.
I'll let you know.


Aaaarrrrgggg! I KNOW how frustrating it can be without a fully functional phone. I just left mine behind in my car once when I was traveling. I was misterable the whole trip without it. I had to use my work regular cell phone. Awful!

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