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Nina Foxx's Marrying Up is finally Here!

I have been getting many emails asking when Marrying Up: The Stage Play would be available on DVD. Well, it's here now. For a limited time, you can get your DVD of the inspirational and funny stage play based on my book, Marrying UP!

If you saw the play, you know what the surprise is and I know you'll want to order your copy today! If you didn't, I promise you, you will not be dissappointed!

Marrying Up stars Tony Terry, Gary "Li'l G" Jenkins, Comic View's Keisha Hunt and a host of other mega talents. The all original music is by John Forbes (formerly of the Killer Bees).
I learned a lot from this project, and think its a pretty darn good directing and producing debut and I know you will, too. ORDER NOW! at www.ninafoxx.com or www.amazon.com.


You can’t judge a man by the size of his wallet!

Paris Montague (Brooklyn Brewer, Houston) has got it going on. She has a good job and a great life. But the one thing she doesn’t have is what she wants most - a good man with a great heart.

Paris is the last unmarried woman in her family and has settled on having rendezvous with her secret lover, Tyson (Gary “Li’L G “Jenkins, Silk, Atlanta)– a man with big dreams and nothing to back it up. Her best friends Alexis (Comedienne Keisha Hunt, Houston) and Sarah (Casme Barnes, New Orleans, Nashville) know what time it is, but Paris’ mother, Athena, is determined to change her daughter’s unmarried status. Athena (Sondra Johnson, Austin) has found the perfect mate for Paris – a good looking, fine man who just so happens to be rich. Even her father (R & B Sensation Tony Terry) is fooled.

But looks can be deceiving.

Jabari (Reginald Johnson, Houston) may have everyone fooled while his demanding ex, Dina (Nina Foxx), pushes him to desperation, but Paris can tell that when things seem too good to be true, they usually are.

With the help of her money-grubbing cousin Alexis, the Montague family must really on their faith to discover that when it comes to Marrying Up, sometimes you have to look down.

Packed with comedy, inspiration and unforgettable music composed and produced by John Forbes, Marrying Up will have you swaying in your seats until the last surprise!

See a clip and Order yours here... www.ninafoxx.com For a limited time, we will be sending a free program with a DVD order. (5$ value). The DVD is only 15.00 plus shipping.

Praise for Marrying Up

"The play was GREAT! All three of us had a wonderful time. There was a lot of human psychology in the message. Sometimes we don’t see what is really important for us."
-San Antonio, TX
"....Non-stop fun"!
--Austin, Tx

"I've seen a lot of plays and this was a very professional Job. Nina Foxx has a future in this business."
-Houston, TX

If you'd like to see Marrying Up in your town, drop us a line. ftpublicity@mac.com

Keep Reading, and thank you so much for your continued support!

Much Love

Nina Foxx


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