A Woman Scorned

Love can make you crazy. Take the case of the woman astronaut who found out that the man she was cheating on her husband with, was cheating on her with a woman she didn't know. She put on some diapers so she wouldn't have to stop to pee, then drove from Houston to Florida (look at a map, that's a long one) to talk some sense into the other woman. She ended up pepper spraying the woman because she couldn't get to her otherwise.
Now that's crazy. His picture was in New York Times. He looke a-ight, but he didn't look like he was worth doing time for.
What would have happened had she followed the clues? There had to have been some.
There had to have been a time when he wasn't available when he was before.
When he dumped her right before valentine's day.
When she couldn't call him at home.
If she had followed the clues and then talked to her (extra) man, then she wouldn't be trying to find someone to post 15k bond today, nor would she have ended up in the paper obviously having a bad hair day. We aren't even going to mention that obvious fashion faux pas with the Depends. She could have pepper-sprayed him and saved herself a drive.
Girl, you shoulda asked somebody.

Did he color his hair unexpectantly or suddenly go shopping for new clothes when he wasn't a shopper before? Look closer.
Is he suddenly treating you differently, like no sex when you used to get a lot? Look closer.
Is he mentioning new people and places all the time, places you had no idea he went? Look closer.
Bills he can't or won't explain on the charge card? Money missing? Look closer.
Long conversations to strange numbers on the cell phone bill? Uh- oh.
Does he smell (or taste) different? This is not an urban myth. A-hem.
Hang up calls to you rhouse suddenly increase? Sigh.
Unexplained parking receipts?
We can go on and on here.

But seriously,,is it worth jail time? Not to mention she was an astronaut. That seems like a pretty decent job, down the drain.
I just don't think he was worth it.
Besides, If she had gone buck wild on him he would've been too embarrassed to tell anyone.
Better yet, the best revenge would have been to move on first gracefully, get into (better) shape, new hair do and just look good, leaving him wondering why in the hell he'd messed up a good thing.


Anonymous said…
I must admit that I'm a bit disappointed in you on this one. I think history is filled with crazy men doing crazy things over women (you know, starting a wars, killing adversaries, you know stuff like that). It's nice to see a lady lose it over a man from time to time...especially when it's not on Jerry Springer.

I mean, this is ASTRONAUT luvin'!!! He must have put on some really serious power of the "D" in one of those weightless training exercises or something. Now whether or not it was good enough to blow a trip to the moon (no pun intended) I don't know, but I must admire her initiative for wanting to talk to her rival; her determination for transferring that astronaut training into earth life by wearing the diaper; and most of all I admire her gumption because to risk throwing away 4 years at Annapolis and a 10 year wait for a spaceshot and millions of dollars in government training for some time with her lover is well....priceless.

Go on girl!


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