Having my Business in Living Order

Moving is getting tiring. People say "moving" like its a one point in time thing, but in actuality, it is a process. We have physically moved all our stuff from point A to point B, but now I am sifting through all the stuff in the boxes and trying to get it in its place. Everything has a place, and I just gotta find it. Truth be told, I am throwing/donating a lot of things that had found their way to the back of the closet or that have outlived its usefulness. I'm finding having less stuff kind of refreshing. Liberating even.
I have help, thank goodness. I wanted things to go smoothly for my family, so pre-moved, I went through and purged a lot of things.
Clothes I hadn't worn in two years. A shoe or two. Some of them I looked at and wondered how the hell they found their way into my closet in the first place. What was so attractive before was butt-ugly now. I evenpurged for my other half because he is not a person who throws things away. Trust me fellas, men's clothes might all look the same, but the styles do change. Really. We can tell if you are wearing that sweater you wore in college, no matter how good you think it looks.
I also removed things I didn't want the movers to move for me and put them in my car. You know what I mean, important papers, jewelry, etc.
Then there was the category of things that I didn't care if they moved but I didn't necessarily want them to see. Things like my feminine toys, or if you live in Texas, My feminine educational aides. Ah-hem.
Well, being the clever girl I think I am, I wrapped them in towels and placed them inside handbags.
Okay, that was good. I was reasonably sure the movers wouldn't be looking inside them.
And then my plan went awry.
You see, I wanted to be unpacked fast so I hired an unpacking and organizing company.
They help you de-clutter and find places for all your things. After the first day, I went over what they had done and appreciated that all of my clothing, including my underwear was neatly sorted and labeled with professional looking labels. I chuckled when I read the labels that said "thongs" and another that said"panties".
"You guys know all my business."
They laughed with me and agreed that they did.
Order is good, really. That is why going to tThe Container Store for just one item is an impossibility.
Day two, I was standing in my new closet with the ladies, purging the shoe collection. I have to add that I was doing this without any trace of anxiety.
I noticed that my handbags were all neatly in place, but there were a few very everyday looking designer types that they had put on a way-high shelf. Obvious workhorses of the handbag wardrobe were out of easy reach. That would never do.
Now why would they do that?
And then it dawned on me.
They had looked inside those handbags.
They really did know all my business. Now I knew why they were cheesing and grinning at me all the time.
But I was calm.
"We have to get those down," I said. "The contents belong in my underwear drawer."
They didn't even flinch, AND they retrieved my handbags and relocated the contents as asked.
Maybe next time I will hide them inside evening bags or something.



Anonymous said…
...next time, you'll have to put them w/ the bathroom items, in the box labeled feminine items...my guess that is a box that will never be opened.

either that, or put them in your sportiest handbag and just hope they can accept that girl likes to have fun every now and then.


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