Desperate Dilemmas

So, I loved Desperate Housewives, even when I thought things were going downhill. When Alfre Woodward moved in, I knew they were stretching for a storyline, counting on her celebrity to add some spice to the street. Sure, she's a big star, but did anyone notice that all of the Housewives were hotties? Even the Ice Queeen Housewife? I thought I could go with it though, even though thery couldn't let the sister be as sexy as the others. She should have been Holly Robinson Peete or Vivica Foxx, or someone in that vein (No offense to Ms Woodard)
Alfre's character was crazy as a bedbug, and seemed to be resonably minor, but I guess they decided it wasn't working. They wrote the entire family out for next season, or at least it looks that way. But let me ask you this, since the show began there have been how many murders? Three? Four, Five? Maybe six or seven if you count the suicides. So, why is it that the only person who didn't get away with murder was the young black man? Things that make you go hmmmmm.


Anonymous said…
...yeah, and the only ones on the show to get taken out by the Po-Po would HAVE to be a brotha...

Now he was crazy, but I think Bree could have taken him out.

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