Lewd Photos at The Dome

I've told you before that one of the blogs I visit often is Pinkdome.com. They are funny as hell, and even if I don't always agree with them, they are still funny as hell. Fair warning, PINK Dome is a politically based website, so if you aren't that interested in politics, just don't go. Heck, Like I said they are funny as hell and will make even the most disinterested guffaw, so I take that back, go anyway. Anyway, I noticed of late that whenever I went there the website was kinda slow. A little annoying, but bearable. I guess other people just couldn't bear it and complained, because the folks at the dome posted a note saying they discovered the source of the slowness; apparently other sites have been stealing their bandwidth. Now, I really had ever heard about this or at least hadn't paid much attention to it, but bandwidth gets stolen when, instead of posting a photo on a website, the owner of the site does the lazy thing and just links to the photo hosted somewhere else. This was happening a lot on Pink Dome, so what do they do? They post a warning and then change the phtoto to something Lewd, lascivious and highly objectionable, like photos of two naked men doing the do, and they vow that the photos will get increasingly worse until the bandwidth stealing offenders remove their un-authorized links. This is funny, funny stuff. Naughty, but still funny. Imagine checking your blog or website at work and having a very naughty photo pop-up! Lawd, Lawd, Lawd.


Anonymous said…
. . . me thinks she dost protests too much. . .

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