The burning of religion

Isn't it a little suspicious that there is very little in the news about the Alabama Church fires? Five inone day and now four today. All they are saying is that it sounds like arson. For real, though? Maybe they aren't as interesting because whomever is doing it seems tobe an equal opportunity arsonist in that they don't seem to be striking their matches along racial lines, if they are, its not beign reported. It does seem that they are all Baptist churches. They say there is no appranet motive. That's police-speak for "We can't figure it out."


Anonymous said…
Maybe it would get more press if it hadn't been for the memorial service for Coretta Scott King. Check out the news tomorrow and see what happens.
Anonymous said…
The governor of Alabama says today 2/9 that they have evidence all 9 fires are linked. Pardon the disdain but uh, ya think?
Josie said…
makes you wonder if they're related. I'm sure they didn't want to say too much about it for fear of it being linked to either Mrs. Kings' passing or the rebirth of some racist agenda. Perhaps the governor thought it would cause racial tension. If they do nothing though, the situation is going to get a lot worse.

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