Book Trailers and Spring Shoes

The book world is all abuzz over the new marketing "trailer" for Lolita's Files' newest book, Sex. Lies. Murder. Fame. You might remember that I mentioned this book in my last lists, it was THE read of the month. I loved it. And I want a book trailer to so folks can send it over the internet. I just got finished reading the Avon list, a forum for Avon Authors. I don't always feel I belong there because although my books have been on the Avon Imprint, the list is heavily Romance, and I don't quite fit there either . I was also a little turned off after they had a discussion about not letting Avon's new Erotica authors participate on the list if they were too "Erotic" or their work didn't fit the Romance arc. Well, a few folks were just hatin' on the new video. You know, I say you can't say sh-- if you less books than she did. Read the book first and then you will see why the video is perfect and groundbreaking. There is reprotedly a commercial for one of Stephen King's books too, but maybe these two are blazing new trails in book marketing. The videos can only get better. You go LO!!!
You can can check out the video here
On another note, Lo and I share a shoe fetish. My friends at Jimmy Choo have gotten me again. I know its hard to think spring with most of the country in the throes of an artic cold snap, but a girl has got to think ahead. So in my browsing of the shoe-sites, I saw some breath-taking things at Choo. My friend Jim in Dallas happily sent me a bag that was the object of my desire. This bag is in Lovely Karung Skin. Karung is Watersnake, not endangered, one of the few snakes that has scales suitable for bags and shoes. I know some of you are just not into "skin", it makes your skin crawl and you feel as if something might bite you any minute when you look at it, but it really is beautiful.

So, if you have a bag, you need shoes, right? Jim sent me , like 6 pairs of shoes to choose from. That is like leading a hungry man to an overflowing buffet. At the end of the day, I'm down to two pairs, but I can only get one or I blow the twelve step program...

Here's choice A:
Saxon: Also Karung skin, kinda appealing because it can go to church comfortably with the closed toes and also go out on the town.

and Choice B:
This is Bali, and is suppposed to be a mid heel, not as churchable but it is a damn good-looking shoe. So here's what I need: I neeed for you to vot e for Choice A (Saxon) or Choice B, Bali so I can make a decision. Imagine that the foot in bali has had a pedicure, too, Okay. What's your preference?


Anonymous said…
you have to get your book folks to market you like this....the internet age is so here, and i can see readers sucking this stuff up like wine.

oh, and you gotta go w/ shoe "B"....guess i go to different kinda church (who says you can't look sexy in the pews?)
Anonymous said…
You KNOW you don't need another pair of shoes. BUT....those Bali's are you.

You do need to market your upcoming books in the 21st century way. And I've got the perfect voice for you too...
Kimberly said…
Hi Nina,
I was out blogging when I should be finishing edits for my latest naughty girl wip for my editor, lol! I just found your blog. Shameless blog hussy that I am...I got wrapped up in it!

Okay,so I wanna talk about two things: Shoes and Sex. Not just any shoes and not just any old sex. Hot Shoes and HOT Sex! Those shoes you posted are hot and shoe hound that I am, I would love to own them, lol!

I don't understand how an erotica author (which, um...I guess I am) can be TOO erotic! what the...? Isn't that like saying you're a little pregnant? I would be turned off too if a group chose to ostracize other members in this way. There should be room for all. Whether you don't "fit" what some view as a "romance" or you write it hot as hell, lol. I think that this can be yet another way, to keep the good old girl network firmly. in. place.

Keep writing it just like you do. I'm looking forward to reading this stripper tale of yours! It's been awhile since I've had the opportunity to read, and with the RT convention coming up I have a LOOOONG layover in ATL and will have the opportunity to just...READ! *smile*

Much love to you my fellow loc sister!

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