Reality Show Hell

Enough Already. MTV started it with The Real World. Let's just call it The Sims in 3D. They took a bunch of misfits from all over and stuck them in a house together, with cameras that never stopped and merciless editing. It was so good, they moved them from city to city and even now to my own city. The sad thing is, we watched, even though the Black women in the house never survived and the Black man never quite fit in even when he tried to become the protector of the white women in the house. There was always one whose self esteem was so low she had to take off her clothes. It was so good to us, we were bombarded with another and another. They tried the same thing with adults, only it was a game and they were trying to rid themselves of other vermin-like housemates by every kind of double crossing imaginable. They took away the house and dropped people into an uncharted wilderness somewhere and we watched them all be cut throat while they ate grubs and formed strategic alliances, then they challenged their fears in the worst ways on Fear Factor, tried to get a job with Trump and Tommy Hilfiger, tried to find a husband, then a wife, find a nanny, have a complete stranger fix their bad ass kids, knock down and makeover their house, do the same and make over their families too, Swap wives and be condescending to one another (while the haves always looked better than, but not as democratic and classically American as the have-nots), Swap Husbands until it just wasn't interesting, trick each other to race around the world with no money, Choose a new stand-around-star-beauty-queen-type while trying to convince us that modeling is indeed a real and intelligent career choice as they yelled and screamed every time they got Tyra Mail even though they knew what it said because they, too, had watched last season. And there was always someone with a life-threatening-contagious-mental disorder-lactose-intolerance, baby momma drama anger management problem that they admitted to secretly in front of the camera while others sang badly and made fun of that poor Hung guy who REALLY was not a joke but more like an Asian Alfalfa, Dance with the Stars and eliminate the ones who made ballroom dancing look fun again, and watch the has-been stars ride a huge scale up and down each week to see who lost the most in their non-realistic-bean-sprout-eating-boot-camp-exercising new lifestyle. Now They think They Can Dance and debate on why heavy people should not dance at all and why the legitimate and classically trained Black female dancer "oozes" too much sex when she moves. And we can't forget that Mo'Nique has a Big Girl Beauty Pageant and that what's left of TLC is choosing the new "girl". C'mon, first it feels like Top Model with (some) talent and does anyone think these damn-near 40 folks REALLY want to choose a young girl to join them? Nor do I think they really want a Britney Spears type to follow Left Eye, although I have to admit the Indian woman would be quite the twist.
Boy, I'm tired. And insulted. These "unscripted" shows have taken over my TIVO. What happened to SitComs and Dramas and even knowledge-based game shows? For a few years there was Sex In The City and recently Desperate Housewives and 4400 were a welcomed change. Can A sister get a plot please? If we aren't careful, there won't even be an Black folks on The WB soon. Sigh. I think I'll go listen to the radio and read some more.


I feel ya. (But I do like "R U the Girl")
parnel said…
I guess you missed the premiere of Battle of the Reality Stars on Bravo. I'm hooked after 90 minutes. And I can't believe I'm watching the reruns of The Amazing Race on GSN. (I've seen them all already!!) And you'll notice with Fear Factor, their first stunt almost always has to
deal with water. (then you can see the women strip down to their bikinis)
Bet the water is real cold too.
On Bravo last night, it looked like theu purposly gave Coral Smith a suit too small. (notice how I remembered her full name)Sista was bustin' out all over the place. They had a dunkin' booth. Guess who was called on the most to sit in the booth and then got dunked? I wasn't mad.
I'm with you! I confess to watching a couple of shows like The Apprentice, but most of them are a bit much for me. I end up watching a lot of reruns and sports. :-)

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