Kung Fu Comedy

I took a minute or so to watch a movie last night. It was Kung Fu Hustle. I wasn't sure what I was getting into. Was it a musical? Would we see disco dancing a la John Travolta or was I going to see fighting choreographed so well I thought they were dancing?
It started out with brutal slayings in a surreal looking street set, including one where a scared young woman is shot on the back and blown across the street. And then the Axe Gang danced like a Broadway scene. Parts were pretty guesome; decapitations, squashed feet, severed limbs, but in the end my daughter and I laughed so hard we were crying. The movie was like Jackie Chan meets Boradway and looney Toons with a smidget of Crouching Tiger thrown in for balance. A couple of times characters ran so fast that their legs appeared to be nothing more than a whirling circle, and they flew through the air spread in full arabesque. After it was done, it seemed to be more of a commentary on the shrew landlady with the big mouth thatn a martial arts flick. She yelled, and all other styles of fighting were defeated. Her lion's roar took down the evilest of villians and even brought one fight back from the dead.


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