The Bahamas, Boy Babes, Bikinis, and RM Johnson

We had a free day in the Bahamas this past weekend while participating in TJ Butler's First Sisterhood Cruise. Several of us decided to find out if it was truly better there. Let's just say that the names have been changed to protect the innocent. The not-so-innocent, well, those folks are on their own. (Just Kidding).
Most of us donned our few straps of cloth and went out in search of a good beach. I was accompanied by K.P. (initials, a romance and now mainstream author that has written a lot of books), RM Johnson(another best-selling author)and his lady friend, Spike Davis (Comedian Extraordinaire) and his wife, and Taylor Morgan, mid-day radio host & promotions director from WUKS 107.7 KISS FM in Fayetteville, NC.
We walked for what seemed like miles in search of libations. A Bahamian gentleman kindly offered to knock open some coconuts and pour out the coconut water, which he kindly replaced with something that tasted like gin and juice. More gin than juice. The heat finally got to us and we decided that we couldn't take it anymore, we absolutely had to respond to the beckoning of the surf. Some of us had already began hallucinating; RM'S friend was covering and then re-covering herself with sand, doing a pretty good beach babe imitation. We stripped off our cover ups and waded in, some of us more tenatively than the others. KP dove right in, enjoying the waves around her body and dripping off her braids. Taylor waded in waist high, while I, not wanting to mess up my beach makeup, just got my toes wet.
We talked in the water about all things feminine. Beavers and boyfriends, husbands, the meaning of life and couture. RM couldn't take the sand dance anymore and although he didn't plan to swim, he stripped down as far as he could legally and dove in. He and his friend played in the surf together like covermodels and remained pretty much oblivious to the rest of us.
The crystal clear waters made it easy to people watch, and things were pretty much ordinary, until we spotted one young man slicing the surf with Olympic form. We were mesmerized as he swam out, then back, then out again. KP was the single one among us. We pointed him out so she could get a better look at the Taye Diggs look alike. If anyone needed her groove back, she did and this was her chance. We guided her to strategically place herself in his path, wet her hair and then look helpless.
He swam almost directly into her. We all tried to look surprised. When they started to converse, we acted like the surf was carrying us away so they could have some privacy.
Trap set.
Eagle captured.


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