July Reading List

I had an active July although it doesn't feel like it. There were a couple of books it just took forever to get through. They seemed to eat up my time. Two that come to mind are Material Girl by Julia London and The Goddess Rules. Material Girl seemed like a worthwhile enough story, sassy rich girl that works in daddy's company meets handyman type all around handsome guy and he knocks her off her feet. Couldn't relate. Life is too short to read books that don't do it for you so I just didn't wait around to the end. I chucked it and moved on to the next one. I struggled through the Goddess Rules, on audio noja (Zulu for no less). The funny sounding British accent was montonous and it killed me, but I made it through. I had to find out who she ended up with. It took me longer to get through that than it did to Read The Kite Runner.
I also read Who Does She Think She is by Benilde Litte- a pleasure to read.
G Spot by Noire was not at all what I thought it was going to be. A pleasant surprise. Here's a hint-The G Spot was a place not on the human body.
72 Hour Hold by Be Be Moore Campbell. Thoughtful and well written examination of mental illness in the Black community woven with a hint of romance
A One Woman Man by Travis Hunter. TRAVIS!! Seriously, it was good. Written like a man. It was fiction, but it was just the facts of the story and you had to fill in the female-esque details yourself.
Sympotomatic by Danzy Senna was by far the best read of the month. I LOVED IT.
And on the non-fiction side- Sex with Kings. Interesting look at European mistress-dom.
See ya.


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