Summer Sale Sadness

Why does summer seem to be the shortest season? I can't believe it is almost August. I was just beginning to enjoy it. You know, first it had to get hot as hell here, and it finally has cooled down enough where you could actually walk outside without your lungs drying out. I just refuse to let summer go so quickly, but it seems like they are trying to rush into fall. First, the kids are getting ready to go back to school. Thanks goodness the Texas Legislature has decided to move that return date back past Labor Day.
But then, the stores have put all the summer merhcandise on sale. Now, that is a blessing and a curse. How can I possibly think about buying wool clothing when it is still in the mid-nineties? Besides, it just got cool enough to actually wear all the cute summer fashions anyway. Prior to last week we were walking around buck naked (or wishing we were ) every chance we got. The good part of the early sales though is that there is a chance to snatch up some of the things that we thought were cute at half off, and summer lasts here until November at least.
The shoe sales, of course, are the coolest. A shoe-shionista can catch some deals on classic shoes that can be worn for quite some time, especially now that open toed shoes are chic even in winter, that is of course, unless you live in the tundra. There are just some places where the frostbite and subsequent loss of a toe is just not worth it. Even Jimmy Choo has a 50% off sale. Of course I am only telling you this because I have already picked out my spoils. Anyway, I refuse to let summer go. I plan to sport my summer clothes for at least another few weeks.


Don Tate II said…
And of course, in a couple weeks, SALES TAX DAY! Course, well be suffering, laid out on the beaches of Cozumel, Mexico, but thats life.

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