Destiny's Destiny & The BET Awards

I am still getting caught up on my TIVO, but I got to watch part of the BET Awards last night. Will and Jada said they were trying to keep it classy. (Defined as highly stylish and elegant). They were walking a thin line up until Destiny'Child did the "lap dance" that the media was talking about last week. Class went out the window with that one. I realize that it was supposed to be reminiscent of the days where women lounged on top of the piano and winked at a man in the audience, suggesting that it meant so much more. You know, old-fashioned leave-something-to-the-imagination sexy. But they missed the mark.
I would bet that some publicist came up with the idea for this segment, thinking it would get them noticed, which it did. I understand wanting to go out with a bang, but when did a behavior that is normally considered not acceptable become acceptable and condoned for an awards show? After hearing what the media had to say, I have to admit that I thought it was going to be so much worse than it actually was. But I can't stop asking myself, would they have told Lindsay Lohan to do a lap dance when she performed on an award show? Christina Aguilera? Okay, maybe Britney Spears. BET didn't complain the way NBC did when Janet bared her breasts and there was no FCC screaming foul play. That behavior is expected from "those type people". Radio announcers were conducting morning surveys, asking women would it be okay if it were their man in the chair. What they should have been asking was, would it be okay if it were your daughter, sister, cousin doing the dancing, or do you approve of the message that was sent to young aspiring performers or young women period? Don't get me wrong, I'm no prude, but class cannot be disguised and Ghetto fabulous never changes, no matter label in is stitched into the dress. Stylish and elegant? Nope. A cartoon of it at best.
So, Destiny's Child got its publicity, sure, but did they win? I would say The publicist is the winner, probabably being considered a genius and happily scribbling the BET Awards onto their resume.


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